11-11-11 and the Age of the Divine Entrepreneur BEGINS!

Nov 3, 2011 by

11-11-11 and the Age of the Divine Entrepreneur BEGINS!

Blessings, Beloveds!

I AM Mikhael, I AM 27 years old, and I have an offering and a message for you. I feel a deep desire to bow to each of you, my brothers and sisters on this mighty Earth journey we have undertaken together over so many ages. Thank you!

In such gratitude, I love and bless each of you. We’re in the last few years and/or months leading up to our graduation from Earth School, and in only a few days, we pass through the 11-11-11 portal. 1 is a mighty number of initiation.

And thus the age of the divine entrepreneur begins! A divine entrepreneur is a Creator Being in High Divine Service, bringing that blessing OUT to as many as possible, in accord with divine will.

If you believe you are fundamentally not a victim but a creator, if you know you are here to be an instrument of the divine, a sacred messenger, an enlightened, purpose-driven creature of Light, then you have chosen to be a divine entrepreneur.

I bow to you.

The old world of educational, political, economic, business and social systems is crumbling, to make way for a new world that WE create. We will be pioneers as social entrepreneurs, economic entrepreneurs, ecological entrepreneurs… We are here to create! Each, in our unique way, with our own divine personalities, passions, and concentrations.

There is enough room for us all, for we are each at the core LIMITLESS beings. Entering into ever-accelerating (do you feel it!!!???) times of divine transformation, let us hold steady, remember our love, and remember not to judge, gossip, criticize, condemn, or blame (we ARE creator beings – and can CHOOSE what we do).

Let us step fearlessly into our amazing future together. I remind you as I remind myself – trust, remember, love, stay steady and true to what your heart knows. You are SO protected, SO loved, and SO supported by forces you haven’t even dreamed of (no matter how ‘evolved’ you think you are—the Greater is made to amaze without limit!).

I am currently in the process of opening the Youth wing of The Empowered Messenger – serving young messengers into their power and into intelligent and elegant management of their journey into being conscious, heart-driven leaders and creators. If you or someone you know is a young man or woman (anywhere from 13 to 33 years old) who you feel would benefit from chatting with me, let them know, and have them fill out a form here. And if you/they just want to connect to my community on facebook, have them go here: facebook.com/iammaji.

Wishing you all a majesty of a journey across the 11-11-11 gateway. Take some time for yourself that day, go inside, set some intentions and open yourself to receive. Be open to what’s next, and be open to the possibility what’s next is NOT what you expect from the past.

Above all, love yourself, love your bodies, love this earth, and love your human family—no matter what they have or haven’t done, said, or been in the past. Let them and yourself be fresh in your eyes. Be like a child.

in Love and Surrender,

your brother Mikhael


  1. You mean I don’t have to pay for expert advcie like this anymore?!

    • Mikhael

      Haha I’m not sure what you mean, Sister! But I wish you endless blessings 🙂

  2. Adam Aportunse

    My deep desire to make this new life must have been strong indeed, to be able to propel me forward in such a dark and disturbing time.

    • Mikhael

      Bless you, Adam! I say it is time for us to choose to live in a different story, and go forth into that new life with a new idea of what is happening. Dark and disturbing times? Or perhaps a time of immense opportunities, beauty and love unfolding! Holding the vision ever more deeply. Cheers! -Mikhael 🙂

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