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Going for the Gold….




For the Gold!!

But wait a second…… don’t you need a way to RECEIVE?? Yep you definitely do – now Paypal might work for you for a while – but when you step up and step in to bigger shoes and a broader reach you want to be able to offer your audiences a more professional process for purchasing your products right?

As you ascend and grow in your role as a messenger you are also becoming a MERCHANT and that means it may very well be time for you to put on your big girl or boy business pants and get set up with a real honest to goodness merchant account.

We use two (and I have at least 7 other ways set up to RECEIVE money in the business!). One is our merchant account for highly invested clients that give me their credit card information and set up payment plans for our big ticket programs when they enroll with me on the phone. The other I use to facilitate the purchase of all of our homestudy programs and that’s Authorize.net.

Investigate today to see if Authorize.net is the right fit for you to receive by checking them out right here: http://reseller.authorize.net/application/100345/

Please be sure if you haven’t registered already for tomorrow’s Prepare to Be Heard by Millions Webinar to get signed up and set the date and time on your calendar for 1 PM ET 12/13/16 to tune in and turn on to the 3 top challenges that visionary entrepreneurs face when they are called to be a messenger!

Register right now: http://theempoweredmessenger.com/prepare-to-be-heard-by-mi…/

May your holiday season – regardless of how you celebrate (and even if you don’t!) be filled with peace and prosperity and may the coming year of magic be overflowing with delight for you and yours as you make your way ever more potently up your own personal Messenger Mountain. It is our pleasure to serve you and please send a little gratitude and love to our team behind the scenes for their dedication and devotion to bringing this entrepreneur”ship” through some pretty choppy waters in 2016.file00043012290


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