[12 Days of Resources- Day 9] – Takes TEAMWORK to Make The Dreams Work!

Dec 9, 2016 by


I shared with you yesterday direct access to my SUPA STAH team of Delegation Divas who handle all the flotsam and jetsam of pulling together and putting out all of our creative content, offerings, and opportunities for you to be served and today I want to REITERATE that you can NOT play the role of the Empowered Messenger alone!

It truly does take teamwork to make the dream work and we actually USE a platform called TEAMWORKPM for the management of all of our promotions, projects and behind the scenes tasks and to-dos! It’s an invaluable space for us to co-create, collaborate and cooperate with each other as a team and has the capacity to allow us to scale as we grow and still keep all our ducks in a row!

One of my favorite uses of this platform aside from the communication with the team and management of various projects is that it has notebooks where you can store stuff. I have all my logins, usernames, passwords, etc. stored in one great big document in Teamwork that I can access any time and any where because it’s on their server rather than on my laptop – and my team can access the document too so if I’m out of pocket or off the grid and something comes up they can handle it! YAY!!!

Here’s the link – what do you think? https://www.teamwork.com/friend/abusinessdivine

PS: As the end of the year draws near I often find it a great time to clear stuff up, clean stuff out and organize myself to be ready for a solid start to the new year. It’s also a terrific time to make the decisions that will support you in gaining momentum in your role as a messenger so choosing a MENTOR to serve on your team may be right up your alley right now too!

Maybe that’s me? Want to see??? We are presenting a Webinar on Dec 13 called Prepare to Be Heard By Millions and it would be my pleasure to welcome you to take a seat, watch the slides and listen in for the 3 Top Challenges that Visionary Entrepreneurs have that keep them on their “Buts” instead of rapidly rising up to speak out and serve with their message. Register NOW right here:

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