[12 Days Of Resources] Get BOOKED to Be Heard – Speaking Packet Checklist!

Dec 11, 2016 by


Woo HOO! Day 11 – have you enjoyed the 12 Days of Resources??? Please do let me know if any or all of these posts have served you in some way!

Time to get yourself BOOKED? Listen 2017 is a year of initiation – a “1” year in numerology – so if you haven’t started to look at your book for the coming months NOW would be a terrific time to discern where, when and how you are going to be delivering your brilliance and dispensing your wisdom.

The SPOTLIGHT is where you belong my dear ones – you must be seen, heard and booked, booked, booked – both to speak and to serve. Is it time to set up or freshen up your Speaker Packet? This is a vital tool for every single messenger to have on hand so that you can help your prospective hosts at a moments notice to be able to easily book and promote you and your message.
11 is a gateway and since today is the 11th day of our 12 Days of Resources extravaganza we have a special gateway day gift for you – a complimentary CHECKLIST to help you to know exactly, specifically and precisely what you need to have in your speaker packet – especially if you are going to go global and use virtual speaking as your go to marketing tool.

Get your checklist right now – right here: https://empoweredmessenger.leadpages.co/checklist/

Get mentorship too – it was instrumental in my rapid journey to the top of Messenger Mountain and to the creation of nearly $2 million in revenues from home serving people around the world. I can assure you that the investment is worth every penny and every moment of time that you spend under the tutelage of a master messenger!

I’ll be providing complimentary mentorship for you on the 13th where I’ll be revealing the top 3 challenges visionary messengers face when it’s time to expand their reach with what they teach. Won’t you join me for our webinar Prepare To Be Heard By Millions? Register for that right here:



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