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Great Leaders come in all shapes and sizes – and if you are a member of this community you are likely a Leader or a L I T (Leader In Training). In the role of the Empowered Messenger it’s vital for you to not only speak your truth and express your message but also take that position of power and leadership in the forefront and in a way that allows you to not only receive your “flock” or “tribe” but also allows you to provide them with resources and opportunities to invest in their own growth and development too.

One of the many things I have learned in my years of leadership – both in this business and way back when I was the National Chair of a 30,000 member organization which also represented 1 in 8 homeowners in the country in 2000-2001 – is that our main job as leaders is to provide.
Provide VISION, Provide OPPORTUNITY, Provide SPACE, Provide RESOURCES, Provide TRAINING, Provide SAFETY to EXPERIMENT AND SOMETIMES FAIL, Provide WISDOM, and finally to STEP ASIDE and Provide the PLACE for the next in line to lead too!

Leaders also require SUPPORT and ways to facilitate the dissemination of information and opportunities to get the message out and gather the people who are best served and aligned with the vision that is held in the leader’s heart & mind.

One of the resources that we use in our Lead Gathering/Generation process is LEAD PAGES – Super Affordable, Easy to Use, Integrates well with WordPress – where we created our website and blog for free, Industry leaders in Lead generation technology, tons of templates too!

Here’s our affiliate link for you to investigate: http://link.leadpages.net/aff_c?offer_id=6&aff_id=21448

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