[Xmas Message] Behold! The SUN in YOU is Born!

Dec 26, 2011 by

Dear Hearts, we (Mikhael & Amethyst) are wishing you an amazing miracle season of Christ-Mass and Light!

Christmas at it’s root has very little to do with our beloved Brother in Light, Yeshua (Jesus), and far more to do with the Christ in YOUR hearts that is GESTATING and soon to be born into the fully realized sacred Empowered Messenger I AM that You each ARE, in your own unique individualized way.  In short, Christmas is about YOU, and YOUR nativity.

Gabriel has spoken.  Thou art to be born.

And BEHOLD!  It is SO!  The SUN in You Is Born!

Christ is not a person – Christ is a title.  Christ is a state of consciousness.

‘Christ’ means ‘annointed one’ – one who is annointed with the Divine; one who has achieved the glorious state of enlightenment.  One who has realized his or her own great God Nature, and BECOME that God Nature in the world.

The support and intervention to do this without spending our lives in meditation, is available again, now, on this Earth, right now, as part of the 2012 gateways opening.  This is available for each of us.

We each are on the edge of our own nativity.  So I bow to the God in each of you.  (this is what Namaste means)

I bow to the Christed Entrepreneur, Messenger and Missionary of Unconditional Divine LOVE that you are becoming, as we enter into 2012.

We have a MISSION and a MESSAGE, a QUEST and a VISION – each individually, and us together, as one.  A vision of a world in which ease and grace, abundance and love, collaboration and friendship among all, is what marks life on Earth.

We have been dreaming this for a while, eh?  We are on the cusp of manifestation.  Let’s take that mighty step forward!

May your glorious heart light shine brighter and brighter each day this year, and may it be ever more deeply free of judgment, blame, gossip, criticism and condemnation, and ever enriched by the breath and voice of God that speaks through our hearts each day.

Bless you all, dear brothers and sisters, Dear Hearts.  May we as a people rise and face the light, rise, rise, rise and face the divine destiny that is before us.  Set your gaze, dear hearts.  And your intention.  Not on the past, but on the Fulfilled Mission, the Spoken Message, the Embodied Christ you each are.

The Secret Love Star of Bethlehem is settling into position above YOU.  Gabriel has spoken.  In the manger of humility in your heart… Thou art to be born.



Happy Holy Days, Dear Hearts.

May we make each day a Holy Day, and each day, each breath, a nativity of our next evolution.



  1. Kenneth Demore

    Many Thanks for the Messages. Ken

    • Mikhael

      Bless you, Ken! May the light of your heartflame shine ever brighter! -Mikhael 🙂

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