Emerald Peaceful Green Forest (FKA Amethyst Wyldfyre)  – the “Speakers’ Shaman”, Empress of Empowerment & Chief Enjoyment Officer


Emerald Peaceful GreenForest (FKA Amethyst Wyldfyre) –  the “Empress of Empowerment” helps you take your big sparkly visionary WOO WOO Message and bring it RIGHT DOWN TO EARTH! AND Make Mucho Money With That Message TOO!

She’s been there – done that – and got the award winning Crystal Singing Bowl CD to prove it! She’s also been an award winning REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER too!! Imagine that! If she can do it YOU CAN TOO and she can show you how through her transformational products and services designed to help you get CLEAR, FOCUSED and GROUNDED so that you can actually make that big vision or big calling you have HAPPEN!

Empress of Empowerment, Visionary Voice Healer & Speaker's Shaman

Empress of Empowerment, Visionary Voice Healer & Speaker’s Shaman

With a sense of humor that is equal to her humility Emerald credits the whole wacky journey to the “upstairs team” – and is often heard saying “I am a pure clear channel – light is my guide!”

She’s empowered some of the big cheeses in the expert and transformation industry including NY Times Best Selling author Suzanne Falter Barnes and the Queen of Sales Conversion multimillionaire speaking trainer Lisa Sasevich!

Emerald has spoken on over 400 “virtual stages” and many live stages too, sharing the spotlight with hundreds of the leading thinkers, change agents and visionary activists of the times as well as with Fortune 500 entrepreneurial greats and master alternative healers. If you want the list you’ll have to get it from the team cause it’s WAY too long for a short bio!

When she’s not busy helping folks to become empowered she makes her home in the Merrimack Valley of NH with Jack “Kitty Love” the Chief Production Control Cat in her company and all the beautiful flowers, trees, rocks and bees that live in the neighborhood.

She burned all her credentials in the fire last spring – including her Summa Cum Laude BS in Business Management from Franklin Pierce University, her awards from when she was a real estate developer and consultant for the US Agency for International Development, the World Bank and the Department of Housing and Urban Development and her multiple certifications in all sorts of crazy fun areas of metaphysical and entrepreneurial expertise! As the Chief Enjoyment Officer at The Empowered Messenger.com she’ll light you up and turn you on to YOUR Big Source so your life can be this fun and freaky too!

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And for those of you who desire the more “serious” bio:

Emerald Peaceful GreenForest (FKA Amethyst Wyldfyre) – The Speakers Shaman &  Empowered Messenger Master Mentor is an Internationally known Speaker, Spiritual Leader and Transformation Artist.  She is passionate about serving visionary leaders and conscious entrepreneurs who want to LEAP fearlessly into their highest level of service to the planet and who want to profit handsomely from following their Spiritual path.

With programs, products and services designed to serve the empowerment of women as global messengers of change and enlightenment,  Emerald believes that when people everywhere (and especially women!) feel safe speaking their truth, powerful asking for money and prepared internally to be seen and heard then the world will naturally change for the better.

An Initiated Shamaness in the Inka Tradition,  a Crystalline Ascension Healer, a naturally ordained Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Therapist, and a published author of several books, in 2008 she was selected by NH Magazine as a Renaissance Woman and in 2009 her CD – Divine Union – A Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Journey was a COVR AWARD Winning Finalist in the Inner Space/Meditational/Healing Category at the International New Age Trade Show in Denver.

A successful and award winning entrepreneur since her mid-20’s, prior to her journey into the realm of personal and professional empowerment Ms. Wyldfyre was active in Real Estate Development and Community Management Consulting and worked as a consultant with the US Agency for International Development, the World Bank, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and several Fortune 500 builder/developers.  Active in her community – Ms. GreenForest has served in many volunteer leadership positions and been an avid supporter of the arts for years.

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Respect – for myself, my team, my clients, my colleagues
Harmony – in all of our relationships
Joy – in each moment spent in or working on the business
Creativity – so that fresh new ideas, programs, projects, services, or systems can come alive
Appreciation – for everyone who is invested in growing this business and in the mission that it serves
Beauty – just because it nourishes the souls of all concerned
Prosperity – so that the business is self-sufficient and everyone who is impacted by it is prospered too
Collaboration – because together we are so much more than the sum of our parts
Teamwork – because playing together is much more fun than playing alone
Truth/Honesty – full integrity so that the gifts that come from this business benefit all concerned

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