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Why All Your “Abundance Attraction Activities” Are Actually Leaving You In Lack and What to Focus on Instead.

Have you ever had the experience of truly being “carried away” and totally “in the flow” of abundance?

We live in an amazingly abundant Universe and one of the first steps OUT of lack and scarcity is becoming conscious of that fact. When you make that shift into abundance it can seem like the heavens have opened and indeed they have! However there’s a challenge with abundance that nobody wants to talk about.

What you might be asking yourself could be wrong with wanting to attract abundance???

Pull up a chair my friend, make yourself a nice hot cup of tea and take a moment to dive in with me.

Abundance is like the ocean…

VAST and filled with lots of sparkling waves. When we are IN abundance it’s like we are quite literally swimming in the ocean. Which is great for a while – but eventually you are going to become fatigued. The dynamic works like this – we find our way out of the desert of scarcity and lack and land on the shores of the ocean of abundance – YAY we made it out!!

We become excited and delighted with the sparkling waves of opportunities that surround us. We enter in and WHOOSH a big current takes us far out to sea. We are undeniably surrounded by a zillion gillion opportunities. Swimming around in the ocean of abundance. We start to chase the waves, go after those shiny sparkles, say yes yes yes to each and every dip and swell. So many choices – so many different directions we could go. The excitement of leaving scarcity land sustains us for a while. Then a few things can happen that will actually lead us right back to lack.

1) We become exhausted.

Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually exhausted by nonstop swimming in the constant action packed never ending ever changing abundance of opportunities. Exhaustion – especially at the physical level leads directly to back to lack – lack of energy, lack of enthusiasm, lack of stamina, lack of capacity to create. Lack lack lack.

2) We have a BIG WAVE…

that we ride and ride and ride until suddenly we are thrown up on shore and the water recedes and we find ourselves on the sands of scarcity because we didn’t know it wasn’t going to last and we were so into the ride that we failed to recognize that the land of lack was straight ahead and directly where we were headed.

3) We become paralyzed by all the options and incapable of making decisions

We start to simply tread water just to keep from drowning. (Did you know there are 41 different varieties of CREST toothpaste??? 41!!! Just of Crest!!! Never mind Closeup, Aquafresh, Colgate, Toms of Maine, Sensodyne, Pepsodent and all the other store brands – 41 JUST OF CREST!! That’s ABUNDANCE and really how does one decide – on toothpaste – or any of the myriad other decisions that must be made on a moment by moment basis in this vast ocean of abundance?)

What’s the sustainable shift? Moving right on through abundance and upleveling your own vibration so that

you are able to WELCOME WEALTH.

Wealth is an entirely different vibration than abundance. It’s a state where there is more than enough every day all the time but not so much that you are overwhelmed. It’s a state of receiving, storing and stewarding. It’s the capacity to set boundaries, to create reserves, to be mindful of your resources both your financial resources and your energetic fuel tanks. Wealth is about stepping back and aligning with YOUR values rather than the value system of constant competition and careening out of control consumption. Wealth is about long term thinking and practices of conscious choice in alignment with your highest destiny. Wealth is about crafting a life and business that has reach and impact while at the exact same time nourishing you and profiting you handsomely from following your spiritual path. Wealth is about filling your coffers to overflowing and serving from the overflow rather than running on fumes. Wealth is also accessed by not only shifting your mindset but by actually altering your electro-magnetic wiring at the soul matrix level.

A mental shift alone is not enough – you really must be WIRED for WEALTH. (This is why when someone wins the lottery often times within a very short time they are back where they started financially – because the wiring wasn’t in place to allow them to sustain that level of energy/power that flooded their life systems)

Focus on shifting your consciousness to Wealth accumulation, and notice what begins to emerge.

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