Are You “Called” to Be a Messenger?

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7 Telltale Signs That it’s Time for You to Step in to Your Destiny and Deliver!

Sign #1 – You are experiencing dissatisfaction in one or more areas of your life or business

Perhaps you have the question in your mind or heart “Isn’t there something MORE to life than this?” You are probably experiencing a lot of stress, feel out of balance, know that you need to DO something but you are not sure exactly what. You begin questioning every aspect of your life and start seeing that things aren’t exactly as you thought they were. You start to see that something has to change and you might find yourself complaining all the time to friends or family about the most obvious areas of disharmony.

Sign #2 – as the first question (along with all the other questions that it spawns) sits with you tension begins to build and some kind of “initiatory” experience begins

Often the experience of the initiation is disruptive in some way – with intent and guidance this process can be managed at the energetic level so that you move through it more gracefully in the physical. To you and to those in your outer world it may seem as if this experience is a huge mess, drama or trauma. You know you need help.

Sign #3 – As a result of the “initiation” you move into a space of seeking support and guidance

The pressure to change your outer and inner circumstances is enormous and may feel overwhelming and beyond your capacity to control or manage. The support may come from the inner world or from the outer world or some combination of both. You go into a space of acknowledging that you need to take care of yourself and focus on “healing” or transforming the experience that you have created.

Sign #4 – Once support is received and accepted awareness is invited to the roots or causes of the patterns of behavior or story that you have been playing out

Often learning about the breath and other spiritual technologies is a part of this process along with discovering soul family members who are also seeking for answers. The first inclinations to share your experiences start to emerge during this “healing” segment of the journey. Self care and self awareness are high on the agenda – you begin to feel better perhaps for the first time ever in your life and you become willing to do “whatever it takes” to stay with, enhance and sustain this feeling.

Sign #5 – The support that was received is life transforming and you are filled with the overwhelming desire to share the gifts of transformation with others who are experiencing pain, suffering, dissatisfaction with their lives, drama, trauma, separation and disharmony

An awareness of the “hand of God”, “miracles”, “angelic beings”, “masters”, “destiny” and SOURCE begins to emerge. You begin to realize that you have to share the experience and you may begin to feel fearful about “coming out of the closet – or out of hiding” with your story. Because you know that you received supernatural support you may worry about Feeling Safe speaking right up in a world that might judge you or consider what you have to share as “Woo woo”.

Sign #6 – Full blown communion with your Spirit and bursts of creativity along with a compelling desire to share with the world takes over

Creation of books, stories, poetry, art, websites, music, dances, businesses, sacred spaces, events, services, products, and other ways to “get the message out” is underway. A FRENZY of creative force comes through you and you are now identifying yourself as a Messenger of some sort – you begin healing, teaching, speaking, engaging with clients, serving your purpose and delivering your message to all who you can get to listen. At this point on the journey the need to step into active “entrepreneurship” is present – the entrepreneur”ship” being the vessel through which you are exchanging the message with the world and receiving money for the gift of your sharing. At this point you may run into challenges and fears around being able to FEEL SAFE – Asking for Money.

Sign #7 – You realize at some level that all that you are doing is not enough and pressure starts to build again

You are not connecting with all the people that you KNOW need to hear and receive the message – you are CALLED to even greater degrees of service – you realize that the Message is beyond you and has a life of it’s own and you understand that as part of the growth process it’s time for you to be initiated into the next level of your own path – once again seeking assistance and guidance for the processes of surrendering, delegating, leading the charge to create a platform and structure that will support the dissemination of the message far beyond your own lifetime – the work is no longer about you, your journey, your creations or your own personal investment in the process – the Message has transcended you personally and you become aware that you are here to be the EMPOWERED Messenger – a pure clear channel through which the Message is transmitted and the creator of a Legacy of Light. You must be SEEN all over the place as the “spokes person” for the Message – and here you may be challenged with limiting beliefs, fears, patterns of behavior, familial or cultural conditioning that holds you back or triggers a desire to FEEL SAFE Being Seen and Being in the Spotlight. Alternatively you may be strongly out there, on stages, speaking regularly, serving a lot of people and leading a tribe of people but realize that it’s time to Prepare to Be Heard by Millions and you are seeking inner clarity around how to let go of what no longer serves in order to open the space for your CORE Path to Clarity to emerge so that you can serve at a higher level.

At each step of this journey there is an opening for support to come forth in the form of coaches, mentors, guides and teachers who are integral parts of the process of becoming and being an Empowered Messenger. There are spiritual as well as practical considerations that directly impact and influence the process at every sign. Here at The Empowered Messenger we have created a variety of programs, products and services to support the Messenger in the Making at every step of the way.

We welcome you to see which offering might be the best fit for you – please visit our programs page for more details!

To your Empowerment and to the spreading of YOUR Messages of Change and Transformation!

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