Are you Attending to the WRONG People?

Mar 10, 2016 by


A BIG AHA happened for me in the last few days – as a result of doing some intense inner work as well as navigating a week with my mom that was an instant replay of my childhood.  I realized that I have been attending to the WRONG PEOPLE (and the wrong things)!!

Those of you who understand how energy works may be familiar with the phrase “What you focus on EXPANDS”.  Now I have known and understood this for years and have applied it frequently and with some success in many areas of my life – HOWEVER I have also forgotten the power of this principal and have all too often lost my way by slipping into the habit of focusing on that which is NOT in service – thereby expanding it to my detriment!

Here’s just a small example.   Earlier this week I asked my team member who manages all things technical to get me the list of people from our email community who HAVEN’T OPENED in the last 9 months – and provide me with only those for whom we have phone numbers.   My thinking was – “let’s do some outreach calls to these people and see what’s up.”

I had my HUGE AHA yesterday when I realized after having lunch with a dear friend and colleague that it would serve me and my business OH SO MUCH BETTER to focus on the people who HAVE OPENED my emails!  This is a SIGN that they are interested in what I have to say and want more.

I have been attending to the WRONG people and IGNORING the one’s who actually DO want to connect and do business with me.   Part of the reason why is because I was parented in a way that trained me to equate love with pain, struggle, suffering, punishment and rejection – and that was transferred over into every other aspect of my life including my business.  Up until NOW.

Moving on from here my intention is to focus on those people who really DO love me – who want what I have to offer – who are excited to hear from me – who want to engage in the work and the play that we can enjoy together and who are RIGHT THERE WAITING for me to wake up!    I am willing right here and now to LET GO of anyone and any connection that is not in service to my highest good and the highest good of all.   I am releasing NOW all colleagues, coaches, cohorts and co-creators who have colluded with me in the story of suffering and welcome with open arms those who are here to co-create celebration and sweet success.

If you are focusing and attending to the wrong people in your business you might enjoy listening to THIS RECORDING:


In this recording I channeled through a way to align yourself with your PERFECT PROSPECTS and it’s just a tiny taste of the process I created to help my right people to Crystallize Your Message so that you can make money and make a difference with the magic you were born to deliver to the world.

After listening if it feels resonant to you to obtain more help from me please apply for a complimentary exploration conversation right here:

It’s time to SEE and be SEEN by your Perfect Prospects!  Focus on the FUN in FUNDING and you’ll be amazed by the pleasure you can co-create in your playful prosperous business!


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