Are you Destiny’s Child? Worthy of Wealth?

Jul 10, 2016 by


“Question, tell me what you think about me?
I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings”

– Independent Women by Destiny’s Child sung by Beyonce


How do you think Beyonce buys her own diamonds?

First – She’s an EMPOWERED Messenger – sharing her message through song with the world

Second – She’s EMPOWERED around her VALUE – unhesitatingly asking for money for her performances, recordings, and other creative content, merchandise and products

Third – She’s EMPOWERED in her relationship with MONEY! – She’s not afraid to create it, have it and spend it how she likes.

I thought I’d ask “all the single ladies” who are reading this to PUT YOUR HANDS UP if you want to depend on YOU for the clothes you wear, the car you drive and the house you live in!

If your relationship with money is not clear then creating that reality can be a bit of a challenge!

Do you make plenty but find yourself yearning for more so that you can have that new “rock” or pair of hot heels or snazzy new car or a trip to the tropics?  Or maybe you are making more than enough for all your material needs but have a yearning to do something really big and filled with impact that you know would make a lasting difference and requires some significant funding to come into reality?

Maybe it’s time to “up your frequency” so that you can be Jiving with the Wealth Vibration!

You probably know how important it is to cleanse your physical body periodically for good health.

You may also know that cleansing your home or office space is “good Feng Shui” and brings you better opportunities for happiness in all aspects of your life.

Have you wondered what it might be like to do a MONEY CLEANSE? Regularly attending to your relationship with money and clearing out everything that might be in the way of you creating more, growing more, stewarding more and spreading more around in the places that are near and dear to your heart (philanthropy anyone?) is a PRACTICE.

We LOVE to practice regularly connecting with the Spirit of Money and especially with Archangel Ariel the Archangel of Financial Freedom who works to assist in freeing up stuck energy in your relationship with money and also supports you in your leadership role in your business.

A healthy relationship with money begins with a commitment.

We have started a Global Prosperity Gathering on Facebook where spirited entrepreneurs from around the world are committed to coming together routinely to engage in prosperity practices and experiences designed to foster a greater understanding and deeper connection to one of the few things in life that is with us nearly our whole lives – from the moment we receive our first piggy bank until the moment we draw our last breath – money is pretty much with us on the journey.

Want to join us?  We are hosting a PROSPERITY PARTY soon and if you register for the party you are automatically IN on the Global Gathering too!

Here’s the party link:

We can’t wait to welcome you to join us in wonder, wealth and wisdom!



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