Are You Negatively Affirming?

Feb 20, 2017 by

Are you practicing negative affirmations in your relationship with money? 

This morning I was sitting here in my pj’s thinking about my business and feeling a little bit sorry for myself and suddenly realized that I was engaged in and practicing a negative affirmation….   And that I have been practicing this affirmation for quite a while.  

Here’s the negative affirmation that’s been running through my head…..

“I am not making enough money in this business”

In a flash of insight I realized OMG I’m in the negative!  In the negative in my head AND because of repeating this negative affirmation silently to myself and overtly to my team and anyone else who is willing to listen I have done a MASTERFUL job of creating this exact experience!

NOW I could beat myself up – I could say to myself “You should KNOW BETTER” – I could start to self-punish – but truth is I have ALREADY been doing all that simply by repeating this negative affirmation again and again and again.

I also had the sudden insight that all I need to do is actually simply and easily change ONE LETTER in this “wordspell” and I will immediately shift this to a positive, prosperous and profitable affirmation.  

Just ONE LETTER!!!   If I take away the T (that Terror producing T!!) and change it to a W (for Wonder!!)  in the word right after the words I AM then VOILA – MAGIC has happened and I have a WHOLLY (HOLY??) new affirmation that if I choose to remain conscious to and practice on a consistent and committed basis will NATURALLY cause me to create a completely different experience for myself!

Let’s try it:

“I am noW making enough money in this business”
“I am noW making enough money in this business”
“I am noW making enough money in this business”

Wow doesn’t THAT feel better??

This is such powerful work – the use of the WORD to create what you want – which is exactly why I created the Magical Mantras For Making More Money!

If you missed my offer of that to you last week on Valentine’s Day I wanted to remind you that this potent tool is yours for the taking – you can get it RIGHT HERE —–>

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