Because Doing Good is….Well, Good! Let’s continue to #GrowTheGood Together!

Nov 13, 2015 by

Because Doing Good is….Well, Good!
Let’s continue to #GrowTheGood Together! 


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Being philanthropic (even in small amounts!) is an integral part of the business model that we have here at the Empowered Messenger and we love to celebrate and be supportive of our chosen beneficiary for tithing a portion of the net profits of our enterprise. When you can not only spread good by sharing your empowered message, but also incorporate providing some social good beyond your sphere of influence, then Life is Good – really!

A few years ago my heart was burst open and truly touched in ways that have had a far reaching ripple effect by Bert Jacob’s keynote speech at the Be The Change Event in 2013. He and his brother have taken the simple message: Life is Good and grown it into a $100,000,000.00 lifestyle brand that has touched millions of people and spreads the power of optimism and hope. Life is Good has also co-created an awe inspiring foundation called the Life is Good Playmakers…

Because right now life isn’t good for all kids.

Overwhelming stress caused by chronic exposure to poverty, violence, and illness is considered one of the greatest health crisis facing children.

The Life is Good Kids Foundation provides support and resources to schools, hospitals, camps, and social service agencies working with our nation’s most vulnerable children.

We are honored to be able to share our good with the Life is Good Kids Foundation and celebrate the good that the Life is Good company is spreading throughout the world.

It was a pleasure to attend their annual fundraising event this year – called “The Art of Optimism” and to continue to support a cause that gives me “Spiritual Food” just thinking about how they are serving – these folks are truly heroes in my heart. During this season of gratitude and giving – please consider making your own contribution through our fundraising link here.

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