Bee Medicine – Part 1 – It Takes Team Work to Make the Dream Work

Oct 15, 2014 by

xx-ezine-beeThe bees have a highly developed organizational structure that allows the entire hive to succeed – all in service to the Queen – and there can only be ONE QUEEN!

Are you the QUEEN (or King?) of your business? As the Chief Excitement Officer here at the Empowered Messenger one of my biggest learnings and greatest growth space has been in the co-creation of a hive of honeys who have all come together to co-create gold and take advantage of golden opportunities to serve their purpose and succeed as a team!

Building a world class team that works together like butter melting on hot toast is no easy task – however when you have all the right people in all the right places doing all the right things then WOO HOO does the work become a playground for fun and funding to flow.

Team is key to leveraging your time and to focusing on bringing YOUR unique and best gifts out to the world in the most effective ways possible. As an EXPERT (and if you haven’t yet identified yourself as such you need to in order to really be Empowered as a Messenger – click HERE for our Expertify Audio Training Call – receive with our compliments!) you are meant to be serving clients and the world with your expertise. Unless you are a technologist then you should NOT be building your own website, setting up autoresponders, booking your gigs and appointments, bookkeeping, etc. Granted if you are just at the outset of your business journey you will probably be doing some of these things yourself but at the EARLIEST POSSIBLE TIME – GET HELP.

Here are 5 Keys from the Bees for Team Building Bliss!

B – Be clear about what needs to be done and aware of the skills required for the job

L – Look to let go of as much as possible as quickly as possible that is NOT in your area of expertise

I – Investigate new hires carefully – meaning “hire slow” – take your time checking references, interviewing for a good fit, enrolling the other members you may already have on the team to the idea of an addition, and testing the person out to see if they can actually deliver what you need. It’s a good idea if at all possible to give a prospective new team member a small project to see how you work together and gradually increase the work load building up to the full expectation you have for that position

S – Set aside time for one on one as well as full team interaction – each team member will require personal attention at times to give and receive feedback and be acknowledged for what they are doing in service to the vision. Be mindful of the team dynamics – inviting all the team members to meet together regularly too, to talk about process improvement, review ongoing strategy, unveil new ideas sand initiatives and to CELEBRATE SUCCESSES!

S – Seek Support BEFORE you really need it – you want to be prepared in advance for major growth spurts that will arise ORGANICALLY in your business. Always be monitoring where your edges are and seek regular feedback from the team to discern when someone’s plate is approaching full. Prevent burnout and blowups by building in to your budget and into your vision regular reviews and a willingness to redistribute the load either to already existing team members or to new hires. Be especially mindful of your own bandwidth and aim to do less and less and less of what is not yours to do so that you can focus more and more and more on serving your own unique purpose at your peak level.

Overwhelmed by the idea of hiring more people? Usually that overwhelm is based in the FEAR that the business won’t generate sufficient revenue to support the expansion. Which means that at some level YOU have fear that either your vision/mission isn’t valuable enough or you personally aren’t valuable enough to justify the investment. This is a MONEY RELATIONSHIP problem – and I have a solution for you to consider – our Money Magic & Miracles Clarity Course is my number one tool that I use PERSONALLY (yes I do this work myself every single quarter!) to improve your relationship with money. Money is the FUEL the runs your entrepreneurSHIP so if you have any fears, worries, contraction, anxiety, stress or uncertainty in that relationship getting those issues cleared up will be your most impact producing move. Here’s where you can find out more:

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