Being the MODEL of Your Message!!

Oct 16, 2013 by

Being the MODEL of Your Message!!


I realized this morning as I looked at the fact that I haven’t written a fresh post for my blog in several weeks that I needed to share the importance of not only sharing your message but also being the MODEL of your message.

What that means in MY case is that if I’m going to speak, teach and mentor people to be Empowered Messengers I need to be at the front end of that train and out there “being/doing THE EMPOWERED MESSENGER”  too!

How that looks in my own business:

I am always booked for speaking – ALWAYS.  I’m booked right now through April to speak on a variety of telesummits and as a guest expert to the communities of some of my most treasured colleagues.   I’ve found virtual speaking to be the BEST way to gain visibility, attract people to my community, find clients and serve my purpose as a Messenger and as a model for the EMPOWERED Messenger brand.   Why is it the best?  Because it’s SUPER ENERGY EFFICIENT.  I can speak on 8-12 “virtual stages” a month and quite literally have been heard by MILLIONS of people.  My name, message and brand are known around the globe!

How can YOU use virtual speaking to model your message?  I challenge you this month to discover at least 10 places/groups/organizations/colleagues with communities who could really benefit from hearing your message and from seeing you MODEL your message too!  Come back and post in the comments below what you came up with.

Even though I’ve been slacking a bit on my blog I’m almost ALWAYS writing too!  I write content for my programs, products and services.  I write copy for promotions.  I write little inspirational messages of light that I pair with images on instagram and share with my social media fanbase, my list and my blog subscribers like this one:  



I write blog posts like the one you're reading now.  I’ve been a featured blogger in the Huffington Post and had a post on Inspire Me Today.   I’ve written articles for magazines for years – one of the first I wrote for was Aspire Magazine back when it was a print format before digital publishing!  I wrote for Applaud Magazine and Kaleidoscope Magazine when I was first starting out on the Messenger path too.

Check this out!!  Because I’ve been writing I was selected to be a featured columnist for the Business Heroine Magazine – which was just picked up to be on the Apple Newsstand and MY ARTICLE was chosen for the Apple Newsstand Business Heroine App!!  That means it’s going to be exposed to……that’s right you guessed it….. MILLIONS of people!     (Want to see that article and get Business Heroine on your phone or Ipad?   Here’s the link for that:

I have also written for “anthologies” – these are collections of writings by a group of authors that are compiled by an editor or another author.  Many of the anthologies I’ve been in have gone to best seller status (6 so far) on Amazon both nationally and internationally.   I’m in a new anthology that’s coming out at the end of October – Genesis of Genius by Julie Ann Turner and my article was chosen as one of the “Sparks of Genius” for the promotional campaign leading up to the book launch – you can check that out here:  

 (please be sure to comment ok?  Comments are like little hugs and kisses and pats on the back and applause for a writer – if we don’t get comments it’s like speaking to an empty room and with no feedback there is a big question mark about whether all this writing is of use to any one!)

Finally I’ve written MY OWN books – 5 of them now – 3 of them I invested in having printed up as actual paperback books and all of them are available as ebooks.  My latest book is Prosper In Your PJs – Practically Magical Guidance to Manifesting Moolah Virtually Speaking.   I printed this book in a very limited run – only 25 printed copies – and we’re making it available in EBOOK form PACKAGED with an accountability program for 60 days so that interested folks can get their “Jumpstart to Prosperity”.   The book features my Be Heard By Millions Solution – 7 Simple Steps to Multi Six Figure Success Monetizing Your Message Worldwide…..In your PJs!   Click here to purchase!

How can YOU use writing to model your message?  I challenge you this month to discover at least 10 magazines/blog communities/article banks/anthology opportunities/newsletters written by others who need additional content who could really benefit from receiving your message and from seeing you MODEL your message too!   Come back and post in the comments below what you came up with.

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