Big Holy Business. Dang, you sexy!

Nov 4, 2011 by

Big Holy Business. Dang aren’t you sexy! Here’s our tip for you – right up front: Commenting on a blog, facebook or other social forum post gets YOUR name and URL out there, creates good will, establishes relationships that could become friendships, business associates, joint venture partners or even clients! Here’s more…

One of the tasks of an Empowered Messenger is to create and cultivate relationships – because the relationships that you create will be the wind beneath your wings, the grease to your wheels and the juice in the juicebox that is your business!! We are here to collaborate after all!

The zero-sum games of competition and scarcity are the consciousness we are right now being called to drop. What’s next? Ecological consciousness – collaborative consciousness – networking and co-creating in communities held together by common visions, goals and intentions; common capacities, skills and aptitudes; common joys, loves and passions. This is the rise of the divine feminine in business and society, for it is in the Love that a community can be magnetically brought together to serve a common purpose. And yes – the purpose of high service probably involves you engaging in wide-reaching business activities as you build YOUR network, and offer YOUR blessings and gifts to the larger community of life-opening, earth-evolving, love-driven, heart-centered, spiritually-energized professionals. There is a new kind of ‘big business’ that is rising.

What?? You didn’t know you are being called to become a big business owner too?? If your business has to do with your heart and a community of people, then it’s got to be big, and grow bigger. This is the time on the planet when the amazing breath of our hearts and our love can expand and open up immensely, fueling all our creations – including our businesses.

Whether you are here to help folks learn about money, relationships, parenting, spirituality, sex, fitness, education, the law, health care or some new field of study and work that is emerging directly from your own soul you are going to want to have some SIMPLE Steps that will help you to design, develop and successfully monetize your message!

We are here to help you prepare to be heard by millions, and preparation for that requires you to have a Heartsmart Start! So if you are excited about the idea of a “Guided By Spirit” Blueprint to Build and Grow your Divine Business – you want to get on the horn to Amethyst for a little chat (just let us know you’re interested here – and mention this invitation)! As folks who are employed by spirit, we are quite sure you will know if you need to apply here, to see if she can fit you in and light a sacred fyre under your beautiful visionary butt!

And as mentioned – we’d love for you to comment on this blog, and see what surprises we have in the goodie bag for the folks who take immediate action, and share their (your?) comments, before the upcoming gateway day 11-11-11. (Be sure to post your email address)

So just to recap our tip – build those relationships! Post comments on the blog, facebook page, or youtube channel of people and groups you like, who might be future partnerships. Get yourself SEEN and HEARD – even if it’s a simple ‘Awesome message, guys!’ or ‘Liking’ a post on facebook. Or even a question or challenge – ‘This part is great, but this other part feels funny’. Keep the conversation going! Always from partnership, of course. 🙂

Make it a practice to send out your gratitude, your blessings, your appreciation and respect, by taking ‘Social Action’ and letting it be known. This will benefit you and your people later on in other ways as well – as you build your business, network more, and come into ever greater opportunites to express gratitude. Gratitude is a powerful currency, and is a blessing to the world. As are appreciation, acknowledgment and honoring. They all stem from love and light at the core of our hearts. Send that out, My Dears! Pour it into the life around you.

Change the world from the inside out.


  1. Great hmaemr of Thor, that is powerfully helpful!

  2. Great message! Love the beautiful peacock feathers, too 😉
    Blessings & Joy to you both~

    • Mikhael

      Thank you, Renee! Blessings and Joy right back upon you as well!!! Have a glorious day!

  3. Anthony

    Thank you Mikhael ~ : )

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