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Jun 5, 2016 by

Emerald Heart


From Amethyst To Emerald – One Woman’s Chronicle of Co-Creating Change

The month of May 2016 was a significant breaking point and personal turning point for me – which I chronicled via daily posts on my Facebook profile.   It was a potent period and for the first time in my life I really “got” the importance of asking for help and support.  I started on May 1 simply asking for prayers.   May 2 – another request for prayers.  May 3 another request for prayers and a request for patience as I sorted out what I wanted to share.   By May 4 I began not only asking for prayers but revealing the why behind the ask.   For those of you who want to dive really deep in to the change chronicles and my insights, prayer requests and personal revelations you can access the links to all the daily posts I made from May 4 – June 1 below – to find out about who I am NOW feel free to skip to the bottom and simply read the June 1 post.

May 4:  Burning Down the House

May 5: Don’t Be Sorry

May 6:  Walk Away from Worry

May 7:  Release All Judgement

May 8: Not Guilty


May 10:  Bonding

May 11:  Screaming In Pain

May 12: The Bright Side

May 13:  Validating

May 14:  Let’s Stop Labeling

May 15:  Pain”killers”

May 16:  In Vision

May 17:  Suicide – Death/Rebirth

May 18: Afterword (not!)

May 19:  Self Love

May 20:  Getting Naked

May 21:  Running Hot and Burn Rates

May 22:  Right and Wrong

May 23:  Shame

May 24:  Self Care & Asking for Help

May 25:  Surrender, Acceptance & Feelings

May 26: Stories that SUCK

May 27:  Enabling

May 28:  Looking Good

May 29:  Guilt and Responsibility

May 30: Roles and Expectations

May 31: Court

June 1:  New Day, New Name, New Life

I am now officially and legally Emerald Peaceful GreenForest.   It’s going to require some thyme and patience to navigate making all the changes in all the spaces and places where I have been Amethyst Wyldfyre – and discernment too – about the highest and best uses of my resources and energy.   Not every place will be reviewed and renewed – some of those old spaces and places are simply going to go dormant in service to tending the new growth and aligning with the vibration of generation and thriving.    For those of you who were attracted to this community because of the Amethyst Wyldfyre vibration that seeded this endeavor you may or may not still resonate.  If you do please WELCOME the arrival of Emerald Peaceful GreenForest – I look forward to seeing where this adventure will take us next.   If you don’t resonate any longer then please do go in peace I wish you well and all the best on your own unique and personal quest.

If you are in the midst of your own major life change and require or desire expert support and spiritual leadership within a container of safety and a structure that will anchor and empower you I am now offering Return to The Source Retreats both for small groups and privately for individuals – please contact with Return to the Source in the subject line of your email for inquiries and to apply for a screening interview to see if this is right fit work for you or fill out and submit the form located here:

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