Edward Jones Came to My Door!

Mar 16, 2016 by



In the age where more and more entrepreneurs and small business owners are relying on electronic communication to seek out business it was an astonishing surprise to me when the local broker for Edward Jones came and knocked on my door the other day.

Just like the “old fashioned” door to door sales man – up he marched onto my front porch – knocked on the door and asked for my business.   Meeting me face to face and handing me the opportunity to park my investments in his capable hands.

Unfortunately for him all of my investments have gone into ME and building my own business.   Yes it’s a fact – I have invested HEAVILY – and the bets I placed were not in a stock market I don’t understand – but rather in my own education, training, skill building, mindset shifting and energetic healing to be able to speak, sell, serve and succeed and to enhance my capacity to create cash flow and clients in response to my calling.

One thing the Edward Jones guy did do for me as a result of his visit was to remind me of the importance of the personal touch, the personal connection and the personal relationship when it comes to doing business – ESPECIALLY when we are talking about money!  Money is seen by some in our world (ok maybe a lot more than some!) as SECURITY.   Therefore you most definitely want to know like and trust whomever is serving and supporting you in the money department.  Whether it’s your bookkeeper, your sales mentor, your CPA, your financial planner or the person you go to when it’s time to receive MEDICINE for your relationship with money.

Personally connecting is one of the cornerstones of my business – I am much more interested in serving people and getting to know them deeply and widely than I am in simply skimming the surface.

In fact I’d love to get to know you better dear reader!   In fact I’d love to have some FUN with you if you are open to it!   Tomorrow – March 17 2016 I’m hosting a Prosperity Party.   We are going to gather together a global group to celebrate cash, get connected to the golden flow of goodness and make money Magical again!   Want to join in and put the FUN back into your FUNds?   Register right here: http://www.theempoweredmessenger.com/prosperityparty

I look forward to connecting on the digital doorstep and maybe meeting you in person someday soon!

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