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December 2011 Issue

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Included in this issue...
  • Message from the Frontier: When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens!
  • Feature: Take a B.R.E.A.K. and Receive (also, our holiday gifts!)
  • Kill the Year Ceremony (free), plus Find Your Voice Breakthrough!
  • Recommendations & Resources for you - Enjoy!

When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens!

We are going deep this winter into the place of the Heart and we are going to end this blessed year by opening up a brand new door in our journey together! Last month we announced that our Energy Edge Ezine had run it's course - as the complement to our evolution to our new brand The Empowered Messenger. We now welcome you to open the door with us this month, at this moment of solstice, to our delicious new Ezine: The Empowered Edge!

We stand here, at the precipice of the much-discussed 2012, and as time accelerates, our capacity to manifest, create, and be alive within (or to be dead within) grows grows grows! As agents of change and sacred messengers each with a different unique message, and each at a different place on the journey, we bow to you ALL.

Thank you for being our partners-on-quest! A new world is dawning, and as one door opens, another is being closed. Dear hearts, do not be distracted by any fear or disruption that might surface in the coming year. We don't know what will happen - but we do know feeding any matrices of fear or upset will not help!

We are the leaders of the new paradigm of human planetary consciousness. We are the pioneers. Do not be distracted by those who say we are lost. You, dear hearts, are taking your wild leap into the unknown, across boundaries and frontiers, to the end of time and beyond.

The Mayans have long marked 2012 as the end of time, not the end of the world or of life. When one time ends, another begins. Remember this, and have faith - dear brothers and sisters. There is a brilliant wealth before us, that is hungry to unfold out through us. For those of us who hold the faith and turn inwards to the truth of our own heart's majesty, 2012 will be a year of magic and beauty.

Know also, if you are being called to be an agent of change, a divine messenger, and a creator of the NEW world, in a NEW time, as we open this new door, YOUR gifts will be called on. No more hiding! No more playing small. Dear Hearts, it is time to stand up, stand tall, be heard, and be a beacon of love unto the world.

The dawn of divine power, and the divine messenger is upon us, and we stand at the very edge, the vibrating, scintillating, oscillating, dazzling edge of our power, and the message that desires to come through us. And it is up to US to hold that power and that love without wavering. Clear. Focused. Resolute. And absolutely filled with love and grace that just pours and pours through our words and hands and everything we touch!

May you find your voice, find your message, find your unique contribution, and may you BRING IT! We wanna see we wanna see!! May elegance and poise be upon you in all you are, all you do, and all you touch.

In gratitude, partnership and solstice cheer,

Mikhael & Amethyst

P.S. Please note the gifts we're sharing exclusively with you, our beloved community. (You can download them directly, from the bottom of our feature: Take a B.R.E.A.K. and Receive)

A message is a vibration. Your body, mind and feelings are vibrating constantly. You are a constant messenger. The only responsibility you have, is to choose what you vibrate; what message you transmit.

Take a B.R.E.A.K. and Receive (our holiday gifts to you below!)

It is the season of giving - so there is NO time like the present to GIVE GIVE GIVE - and as my mom used to say "charity begins at home"! We encourage you to start by GIVING to yourself. Put yourself, your message, your purpose and your well being FIRST on the list. Without you that message isn't going anywhere!

Please make the end of this year a time for personal reflection, self care, slowing down, spending time and energy with friends and family, renewing your understanding of what it's all about and why you are doing what you do.

Take time to reconnect with your passionate Purpose. Take time to reconnect with your PERSONAL Power. Take time to rest in your heartstar and breathe. Be kind to yourself - as I mentioned on a recent call I did with a coaching colleague - gift yourself with a B.R.E.A.K.

K- KINDNESS (Be Kind to Yourself)

It's been a super challenging year for a lot of folks and we recognize that. What we also know to be an absolute fact is that WITHIN YOU - in your HEART OF HEARTS you contain the most magnificent wellspring of energy and life force that continues to nurture you, and enliven you, even when things appear to be broken or lifeless!

This wellspring is there for you, to be tapped in to, and to be turned into positive powerful action. We know you have it - we've seen so many people tap in to this truth and take action on their heart's desires. If you desire assistance on this, and feel we might be a support, we would love to be able to serve you. But whoever you feel called to work with, to help you tap in to the wellspring, summon the power, and take action - do it! Work with them! Receive support! Invest in yourself and your dream.

Take a BREAK! Take a breath. Recuperate - notice the word 'cup' in there - re-contain your energy within your cup. Gather the fruit of the fountain in the still reflecting pool of your heart's temple. Evaluate where you've been putting your energy, and where you want to put it going forward.

Accept things as they are, and also ACCEPT HELP! Ask for and accept help. Who nourishes you? What structures support you? And of course, live in kindness. Loving kindness to yourself, to your friends, your audiences, family, community, trees, food, water, your house, your earth, your angels, your car. Be gentle, mindful and kind.

Pay attention, and in it all, LOVE. Love love love with all your heart.

In the spirit of giving, and in the blessings of the season, we wanted to share a few gifts with you, exclusive to our community, that we thought could really serve you.

First off, we're pulling something out from deep in the closet that felt most relevant. Amethyst channeled and recorded messages from the Archangel Gabriel, and his message is still relevant today. We felt this appropriate to share, both because he's the messenger angel, AND we're nearing Christmas time, in which he plays a key role! Here are two audio downloads for you:

AA Gabriel Speaks, #1: http://bit.ly/v0qnXv
AA Gabriel Speaks, #2: http://bit.ly/sAyDRK

We also wanted to share with you a Divine Messenger Initiation Ceremony conducted by Mikhael at the end of our Feel Safe Speaking product. If you desire energetic initiation through a sacred rite of passage, and a download from the divine to support your next evolution as a sacred messenger, we have been encouraged to share this with the larger community. Many of you are ready to receive this at deeper and deeper levels, dear hearts.
Empowered Messenger Initiation/Rite of Passage: http://bit.ly/uSYZU1

Please see also the huge gift we're offering in the next section (it goes away Midnight, Dec. 31st!)

Offering 1 of 2: Join us! Free Ceremonial Call to Kill the Year.

As this month's Divine Wealth Call for the Empowered Messenger Community, we'll be hosting a blessing of 2011, a letting go - honoring - and shedding ceremony, as well as a welcoming of what is to come.

Kill the Year Teleceremony (free)
Tues, Dec. 27 @ 12:00 PT/3:00 pm ET
Call in Live: (712) 451-6150
Access Code: 219128#

Many of us are great at getting started with the new, without truly honoring and cutting attachment to the past. Join us, to do this elegantly, gracefully, and in full heart to gratefully harvest and let die. Pulling the Death card in the Tarot is ALWAYS a blessing. And if you feel otherwise, we ESPECIALLY suggest you make sure to get on this call.

Offering 2 of 2: Find Your Voice Breakthrough Session @ Most Affordable Investment EVER (ends midnight Dec. 31)

  • Does your throat ever feel shut up or closed down?
  • Do you ever feel like something's missing from your voice? Or like your words are weak?
  • Are you ready to find your voice and really USE it?
  • Have you ever felt like you have been speaking and your voice has been UNHEARD?
  • Have you been preparing for something BIG - but aren't sure what that is?
  • Is it time for you to feel safe, powerful and prepared to speak your truth, and be initiated onto the path of the sacred messenger?
Click Here to learn more and take advantage of the biggest discount you'll ever see on this session. We love and thank you all for a glorious year, and are SO excited to support you as we enter into 2012. Bless you!

Join us in celebrating our beloved clients' successes!

"Released a lifetime of holding back my voice ... I have a voice of my own!"

Meeting with you last week was transformational for me. When you held my hand and had me use my voice with you it released a lifetime of holding back my voice. The sounds that came from deep within did not even feel like they were of this earth. Today, I feel like a new woman, powerful, strong and I have a voice of my own! Thank you for helping me feel empowered.

- Lisa Schermerhorn
PLisa Schermerhorn Energy Medicine, LLC - http://www.iclisa.com/

"I've never been so comfortable in front of the camera!"

I've never been so comfortable in front of the camera! It all just flowed.

I feel so excited! Up until now, it's been a challenge for me to stand up in front of people and speak about myself, but now I know it can be effortless, safe, fun and supportive!

So Powerful!"

- Elizabeth Martel
Founder & CEO, SoulsHeart

Healing Hearts from Child Abuse

Our dear friend, ex-client and brilliant CEO and Founder of Healing Hearts from Child Abuse, Susan Jacobi has taken some serious leaps since we first worked together, when all she had was a partially written book and immense potential to be an agent for change! She recently contacted us, asking us to help her to develop her foundation.

She has done some powerful inner work, she has a powerful message for us all, and she is now REALLY speaking it out! (you go, Sister!) She says:

"By beginning to talk about the effects of the trauma, we, as a society, can heal the broken hearts of child abuse and remove the shame that keeps all survivors silent about what they have endured. I believe it is time to talk about how child abuse impacts our lives as adults... this is the only way to stop the cycle."

Her goal is to raise $25,000 by Valentine's Day, 2012. Offer your loving support by going here:

Bless you, Susan! And thank you! We HEAR your mighty message, and stand with you. Thank you for doing what YOU needed to do, to heal yourself so deeply, so you could go out and serve the world just so much more boldly and beautifully. We love what you're doing. Thank you again!

Purposeful Passionate Profits with Amethyst Mahoney
11/28 - 12/20 (Though the live version is slightly over, still check it out!)
Click Here

Kill the Year Teleceremony with Amethyst and Mikhael
Dec. 7th @ 12 PT/3 ET (see above for call-in details)

Toni Harris Speaks Success Radio Show with Tony Harris
Dec. 30th @ 10:30 am ET

Amethyst Wyldfyre & Mikhael Solenne - The Empowered Messenger Mentors - are Transformational and Visionary spiritual leaders, teachers and multidimensional navigational guides. They specialize in facilitating heart-driven coaches, speakers, creatives, healers, legacy leaders and other Life-opening professionals, to LEAP fearlessly into their highest level of service to the planet.

Originators of the Prepare to be Heard by Millions Inner Clarity Intensive for The Empowered Messenger, they work in partnership serving small groups of Passionpreneurs to set the energetic structures in place for being in right relationship with their businesses. This signature program is developed for conscious professionals gathering in a sacred space to jump out of stagnation, get infinitely more clear and confident, and build a bridge between spiritual vision, and daily practical action, to create a powerful vessel for clients' blessings and messages to come through effectively, and be maintained sustainably, fulfilling their heart's mission at a whole new level.

In their work on the Internet and Live, they have reached hundreds of thousands with their message of illumination, purpose and success through heart-powered creative ventures. Their client roster includes NY Times bestselling authors, Hay House Radio show hosts, famous internet marketing and sales trainers and other international celebrities and leaders. In the 2010 Be The Change Awards, their business was recognized as a "Movement to Watch".



If so, we know how challenging it can be at times to come up with fresh content to share with your people! We'd love to have an opportunity to serve you and your peeps!!

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