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Did you enjoy MIkhael’s video in the last blog post?  Wasn’t he great demonstrating the Message MONSTER that lives in our heads – it’s that monster that holds us back and keeps us small – in our comfort zone – silenced or maybe just whispering about our message.  That is NOT the voice of the SOURCE of all that planted your message in your heart to begin with…..


If you are here then you are already resonating with and perhaps out in the world performing as a messenger of some sort – you have probably already said YES to your message.  Saying YES means embarking on a pretty amazing and sometimes harrowing journey.  An EPIC journey you might say!


As messengers we are invited repeatedly in ways large and small to recommit over and over to the depth and power that is held in our message.  We are often challenged on this path.  For some when you come up to the edge it’s when you have your very first awakening to the fact that your life is calling you to become something more.  That calling – that quiet whisper – or sometimes that loud ringing that you hear in your ears and your heart –is coming from the depths of your very soul.  That calling is coming from Source – from your highest Self from the GOD/Goddess that you are and you were born to be.    Becoming something more means commitment – not just to yourself and your message – but commitment to LETTING GO of everything that might be holding you in place.  Sometimes that shows up as a divorce, job loss, loss of a loved one, ending of friendships, losing your home, an accident or some other form of major disruption to your life.  It doesn’t have to be that way but most often it is.


When we come up to our edge – we LOVE LOVE LOVE to hang on for dear life to all that we have know and come to believe about ourselves, our place in the world and our relationship to others and the environment we find ourselves in.   If you are hanging on tight to ANYTHING I can assure you – you are in trouble.  In these highly transformational and accelerated times – the invitation is to faithwalk your way right past all the illusions you have created for yourself that might have you believing that you really don’t have to go out there and do THAT……


What we’ve discovered on our journey is that with every step forward the opportunity arises to fall back into your old comfortable patterns – yep you made that leap – you invested in yourself, you signed up for that program – bought that product –started writing that book – recorded that album – enrolled in that mastermind – and again and again you think – Oh sweet – I’m here I’ve made it and I can just take a little rest now and chill out while this whole thing that I’ve created works FOR me.  Truth is you are not allowed to stop – not that is if you are going to go all the way – not if you know – really deep down in your heart of hearts that you are here to reach and touch MILLIONS with your message.   You see the messenger journey takes on a momentum all of its own – once you say yes to that first call you can no longer deny when the call comes again to go to the next level.


We are here to tell you that there are stages of growth that each messenger must face – you will faithwalk to your edge and you WILL Fly – sometimes you need help – sometimes you know you have a message but can’t find it in yourself to voice it (We’ve got you covered on that – Amethyst is now offering FIND YOUR VOICE Breakthrough Empowerment Sessions – call for details 603-594-2744).


Sometimes you need help in other areas – is it time to CRYSTALLIZE Your Message – A Clear Message (both your internal and external message) is the only way you will impact the people you are here to serve – (Got you covered on that one too – We are now enrolling for our Crystallize Your Message Laboratory Intensive – a small group mentorship program that we’ve created and fill by application only – SEE If it’s a fit for you by applying for a SEE (STRATEGIC EMPOWEREMENT EVALUATION) appointment here  – please note it’s quite possible you may NOT qualify for this offer – if you receive a SEE appointment our commitment is to helping you to SEE EXACTLY what the next best steps are for you – sometimes what we SEE is that there are other things you need to be doing or investing in that our outside of our area of expertise and we’ll HAPPILY tell you that and refer you to one of our more qualified expert colleagues )


Sometimes the edge you are walking on is around your WORTH – have you been telling yourself “This is WAY too big for me – I’m not worthy of bringing this message out to the world – and certainly not comfortable with asking for money for it!”   (Got you on this one as well ) – Book an “Asking for and Receiving What I’m Worth for My Message Empowerment Session or if you are SUPER stuck in this area a VIP ½ Day Private Healing Retreat with either Amethyst or Mikhael  – send an inquiry about this to our team at for details and to schedule your time with one of us).


Sometimes you just want help figuring out this Messenger BUSINESS – and you want an intimate group of dedicated and committed messengers who UNDERSTAND what it’s like to be trying to build a business and believe in yourself and your message at the same time plus the LASER FOCUS of not one but TWO Empowered Messenger Master Mentors on your exact challenges so that you can get unstuck upshifted and uplifted with a clear and potent plan of action for your unique next steps – (Yippee we have you on covered on this one too!!! – By application and invitation only we are gathering 8 deeply committed  and invested messengers to come work with us for 2 full days at the Empowered Messenger Business Builders Bootcamp – invest at $2497.00 or 7 payments of $400.00 each and come enjoy a beautiful spring weekend with us in NH at the end of April. – Because of the limited number of people and the limited time frame on this event we encourage you to get with us RIGHT AWAY if you want to be considered for enrollment.   Again – apply for a SEE appointment at and in your application indicate you want priority consideration for the Business Builders  and we’ll put you at the head of our queue.)


Oh and please DON’T tell us you don’t have the money – see MONEY comes from and returns to SOURCE – so does your message – so if you are REALLY meant to be an Empowered Messenger – then Source will ALWAYS provide and EXACTLY on time.   What we know from our own journey is just when it seems like you are down to your last dime – it is PRECISELY THEN that the next PERFECT offer of support comes along to help you on your way – and every time you are asked to INVEST, FAITHWALK and BELIEVE so that you can RECEIVE and ACHIEVE.   If you are REALLY COMMITTED you will INVEST many times over!!  Sometimes that means acquiring debt on your credit cards, dipping into your 401K, cashing in your life insurance, using up your savings, borrowing against your home equity, asking friends and family for money (Between us we’ve put more than a half a million dollars into our messenger business so we’ve been there done ALL of that and MORE to build our own messenger business because we are DIVINELY GUIDED and DIVINELY INSPIRED and we KNOW where to send gratitude for our daily bread!)   If you don’t invest in yourself you have no standing to ask others to invest in you and your message or your vision and work in the world.


We LOVE to serve and to serve YOU into bringing your message out to the world in the most powerful way possible brings great joy not only to our hearts but to the hearts of all the people who are here to receive and be empowered by YOUR message.



Oh and before I go – can I just talk about results for a moment here – we LOVE our divine messenger clients – the other day I (Amethyst)  worked with one facilitating a “Asking for and Receiving What I’m Worth for My Message Empowerment Session”  – guess what happened?????


OVERNIGHT this client had a 500 fold INCREASE in her receiving of Money from the universe – MIRACULOUS!!


Is it time for you to experience an Empowered Messenger Miracle too?  You know what to do……


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