Feel GREAT Speaking, Part 1

Jun 17, 2013 by

Feel GREAT Speaking!  Part 1

When you are a messenger, speaking is one of the most effective and powerful ways to get your message out to the world. 
The problem for some messengers  is that they are either terrified to talk or they have very little experience speaking and they just don’t know some of the “tricks of the trade” yet.

There are 5 steps that I’ve discovered that will help you to feel GREAT speaking every time – whether you are on a live stage or speaking virtually.  I’ll be using the acronym G.R.E.A.T. to help you to remember!


Let’s start with the G!

When you take the stage the first thing you want to do is GROUND yourself.

Grounding means to gather all your energy and power and to connect with the earth.  This is accomplished by using the breath, intention and conscious choice. Take three or four deep breaths and bring yourself present to the audience (and the room if you are live).   Gather your thoughts, pull yourself into your body and connect through your feet to the earth.   Imagine that you are like a tall tree with roots deep into the soil.  SLOW DOWN.   Often messengers are so excited to share their message – but they forget that the audience needs a bit of time to warm up.  It’s up to you to slow down and to pace yourself and getting grounded is the most important act you can do to help you AND your listeners feel a connection.

You want to GROUND in your GREATNESS and the GREATNESS of your Message!  Remember you are the one with the stage – you are the one who has the courage and conviction and calling to be a messenger.  You ARE GREAT!!  You would not have been given this message to deliver if you weren’t exactly the right person to be sharing it.  You have your own unique and completely special point of view, your own stories of how you came to that, and your own massively valuable gifts to share.   You have to OWN that you are great and your message is great – get GROUNDED in that fact – so that you can powerfully influence and impact the people who have been praying for a solution to the problem you were uniquely put on this earth to solve!

Finally you must GROUND to be able to GIVE!  When we are giving our message we are really acting as a channel – a beautiful conduit through which the Great Spirit speaks.  We need to have a powerful ally in this process because a lot of power is flowing through us.  The earth is our ally – she acts as a giant store house of power – and can absorb any excess HEAT and LIGHT that’s coming through us so we don’t spontaneously combust on the stage!  She also can be drawn upon when we are feeling less than stellar in the delivery of our message.   Getting grounded allows you to open up your channel so that the power flows through you and through the entire space – this is how you HOLD THE ROOM and GIVE GIVE GIVE your message.   If you are speaking virtually you have an even bigger space you are holding in order to really deliver the gift – because you might be quite literally reaching around the whole world with your message.   When we GIVE we need to GIVE through us.   Don’t be confused and give so much of yourself that you end the talk exhausted and depleted.    When you GROUND and let yourself be held and supported by the earth and inspired by the Spirit you are given as much as you are giving!

By the way – if you don’t feel at all safe speaking – if the mere thought of getting up in front of people or talking on the phone to an audience terrifies you – please consider opting in for our free report – or if you want to go deeper and embark on the journey of solving that problem you might want to invest in Feel Safe Speaking http://www.feelsafespeaking.com  – this is a homestudy program I developed with a partner a few years ago that is an AWESOME spiritual and practical program to help you release your fears of speaking so you can get that message out!

Speaking of GIVING – won’t you help me to reach my giving goal?  I’m raising funds for the Playmakers Foundation – founded by the folk at Life Is Good the Playmakers use the power of play to help children have the childhood that they deserve.  Here’s the link – help in any way you can is most appreciated!  https://lifeisgoodfestival.fundraise.com/amethyst-wyldfyre  10% of all profits from the business activities of The Empowered Messenger are now officially being allocated to this organization – why?  Because Life is Good! and helping children at risk to reconnect to the power of play will make life even better!  

Stay tuned next time to discover the 'R' in your G.R.E.A.T.


  1. Amethyst,

    Wonderful message. And I love that you are tithing to a worthy cause!



  2. Tracie S

    This truly is GREAT!  Something I have always struggled with is speaking to a group (any size). I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the G.R.E.A.T. parts. 🙂

  3. Can't wait for the rest of the series!  Working on being grounded so I can feel safe speaking!



    • Thank you for this excellent article Amethyst.  

      I agree with Tonya: I'm really looking forward the rest of the series!

      As a dance artist who is stepping into her expanded role as a messenger, I truly understand the power and nescesity of being grounded and fully in your body.  In fact, I start every class I teach by having students do just as you suggest: to ground themselves by imagining they are a tree and feeling their energetic roots spreading deeply and widely into the earth!





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