Feel GREAT Speaking – Part 2!

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Feel GREAT Speaking – Part 2!

Bring on the R!

Rrrrrrr!!!  Did you ever notice how some speakers come out on stage with a ROAR and others are just a bit “mousy”?   If you want to feel GREAT speaking – you might want to aim for somewhere in the middle so that you are able to take the stage and just purr consistently like a big beautiful cat!  Rrrrrrrrrrrr (go ahead you can do it – put your tongue to the roof of your mouth and start purring like a big ole kitty cat!  Rrrrrrr!)

A purring kitty cat is very attractive and RELATE-able – which is exactly what you want to be when you hit that stage – someone that your audience can relate to who may be just a little further down the path then they are.  You want to make a heart to heart connection with your audience and RELATE your information to either their pain or their passion and ideally to both.   You want to RELATE your story in a way that positions you as someone both credible as well as approachable.   Whenever you are given an opportunity to speak you are actually selling – whether it’s an idea, yourself, or a product or service.  Selling through speaking is a way to help people to RELATE themselves to a possibility – to be able to see themselves in a new way as a result of what you are offering.  To better RELATE to your audience it’s helpful to find the places where your story overlaps with theirs and to create in your talk parallels between where they are and where you were once upon a time.  This is also known as “being in touch with your audience.”

REACH is the act of creating with your words, energy and actions a sacred space in the room or on the airwaves that holds and contains your audience during your presentation – this is one area where many speakers have a challenge – it’s often quite overwhelming for people to speak and just manage their own personal power and the energy that is coming through them when they are presenting.   When you expand your REACH you are actually creating an energetic container that holds the audience and the best speakers are able to enthrall the audience.   This is because they have cultivated a commanding presence and they extend the REACH of their presence to everyone in the audience.  The more you are able to REACH people the more people your REACH will attract and then you will be able to serve your message into those hearts and minds.  The interesting paradox about creating an expansive REACH is that it  all centers on how much YOU you are willing to bring to the equation – you have to cultivate your own inner core, your own presence and you own solid center in order to really become a powerful center of influence.

RECOGNITION is another piece of feeling GREAT speaking – it’s important that you give RECOGNITION to your audience for their time, to your hosts (if you are a guest) and to yourself for having the courage and cojones to get up there and share your message.  People are giving you their time and attention – it’s valuable – never forget that.  Honoring your audience for that right from the start even if you don’t do it with words is really important.  Take a moment before starting to speak to just silently recognize that these souls have given to you just by showing up – and remember to give it your all even if you only have a handful of people in your audience.  RECOGNIZE that every opportunity to speak is a chance to hone and perfect your craft and to practice your timing, your material and bringing even more of your presence to the game.  At the end of your talk remember to let yourself receive the RECOGNITION that people give you in the form of applause.  Make sure you leave space and time in your presentation for that!  It’s GREAT to be able to move people with your words – allow yourself to be moved with their response!

Mastering power is a key aspect to feeling GREAT speaking – learning how to manage your own energy first and then the energy of an entire audience of people as well as the energy of your message will serve you well in your role as a messenger!


  1. Wow, the expression "energetic container" really captures me.  I've felt that I was in an energetic container as an audience member, and I've certainly had moments on stage when I felt that I was creating that for the audience.  And I know what it feels like when you're just watching, feeling removed from the speaker.  That's a helpful concept, @Amethyst Wyldfyre!

    • glad you like it Gina – so remember the next time you speak to my list you are creating an energetic container! Use your intention to connect to everyone in the "room" even if the "room" is virtual!


  2. These are great points on speaking, Amethyst; I particularly like the way you describe Reach, as it has put into words a feeling that I had about creating the contect in the room, and has shown me another way to relate to that. Great blog post about Great speaking!


  3. I love the analgy of the 3 levels of energy (or lack thereof) of the roaring tiger, the mousy person, or the just right purr of a beautiful big cat (I guess it's the goldilocks syndrome, but with a new twist of applying it to speaking).  I also find it interesting your definition of Expanding Your Reach, very different from how I speak of expanding your reach, and very true, too.  Thanks for the insights!

    • Glad you liked it Sue and appreciate the "goldilocks" analogy too!  I'm brewing up a few more animal medicine series posts so bear is now going to have to be added to that list!  I've already got the titles for the horse medicine series so keep your eyes peeled on the blog for more great stuff from our animal allies!!


  4. I admit that public speaking IS one of my greatest fears! I think I am more of that 'mousy person' at this time! Hey, I"m working on it though and trying to transform myself into that " beautiful big cat"! 🙂

    • Belinda you might want to opt in and download my free report about how to feel SAFE speaking – feeling SAFE comes first and only when we feel SAFE can we move to feeling GREAT!  Feel free to opt in and let yourself RECEIVE!

      Thanks for your commentary!



  5. Amethyst – I love your analogy here!  As a reluctant speaker, the idea of tapping into one's inner feline to give your presentation more "pounce" is great.   I'm making a point to consider the three "R"s: Relatable, Reach, and Recognition, as I approach my next speaking engagement!  Finally, I agree wholeheartedly that it's a gift to have the time and attention of an audience, so we should be sure to return that value.  Excellent post!

    • If you are really reluctant Trina – you might want to go ahead and optin for my complimentary “Feel Safe Speaking” report!  We need to FEEL SAFE before we can FEEL GREAT!  You might enjoy that as well as this series!  I also have a homestudy product to help in this area at http://www.feelsafespeaking.com which I developed a few years ago with a partner who is no longer in the business with me.  It’s really powerful and has been helpful to many people!

  6. I saw a talk recently (TED, maybe?) where the author said that a speaker's job is to make the audience feel comfortable, and your beginning about relating reminded me of that.  It's definitely the sweet spot, when a speaker bends the message in a way that makes sense to the listener.  Great advice here, that I'll remember.

  7. Hi Amethyst! l love everything you have share here and will be sure to go back and check out the first post in this series:-) My favorite pieces are  "The interesting paradox about creating an expansive REACH is that it  all centers on how much YOU you are willing to bring to the equation – you have to cultivate your own inner core, your own presence and you own solid center in order to really become a powerful center of influence" on reach and  "Take a moment before starting to speak to just silently recognize that these souls have given to you just by showing up" on recognition. xoDana



  8. Just delivered two online teleseminars and two in person presentations last week. Whether online or off, I always feel it's important to connect with my audience. I want them to know I understand and relate to their feelings so I always do what I can to include them in the conversation and encourage feedback.


  9. I love the way you talk about creating a container for your audience and recognizing and appreciating them for showing up and being able to recieve your audiences recognition.
    I find that the more willing I am to show up fully  and fly my freak flag, the more my right people connect with me. As a speaker( or writer) there is a fine line to walk between being relatable and being someone who is talking at your audience. I don't worry too much about being seen as an expert…but rather I want to be seen as being REAL and authentic. 


    • Keep Flying your Flag @Leah – that's the only way your "peeps" will know how to find you!!  I also agree with  you on the fine line – It's definitely a balancing act – especially when you are channelling info – it can feel like you have SO MUCH TO GET OUT OF YOU and if you forget that not everyone is quite yet on the same page with you either you feel overwhelmed or you overwhelm them.  Keep your eye out for a post and video I've got coming up that talks about how to BOUND so that you can deliver the message in a way that's digestible!


  10. Ok I'm taking notes! I LOVE public speaking (I'm a freak, I know) and Ill be doing some talks very soon. This is a great guide thank you! I recognise myself in a lot of these points already, but it's great to understand the method behind it all so I can keep it polished and top notch!

  11. Loved this post, I will read and then reread it again the next time I have a speaking engagement 🙂 So important to give your audience the proper recognition, a very good reminder. And then save some time for the applause, liked that! Looking forward to read the rest of your posts. 

    • So glad you enjoyed it Christine!  I’m going to finish out this series over the next 3 weeks but am also simultaneously in the 30 day Ultimate Blogging Challenge and am doing 30 days on the topic of Speaking, Selling, Serving & Succeeding so you might enjoy those posts as well!


  12. Ooh I love it! Thank you so much for this great article! I love public speaking but I never really understood what I was doing on an energetic level!" This was I can be more consistent & make sure I'm following all the steps to get great results every time 🙂 

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