From ‘revenue drama’ to Creative Design Question

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Is your Scarcity masquerading as Spirituality?
4 figures? 3 figures? 6 figures? 11 figures? How do you figure?
Fine-tuning your intentions to decide on what you desire.

Have you ever sat down to come up with your revenue goals, and felt like there was something missing? These days, the topic of money provides plenty of opportunity for a vast and multi-colored diversity of reactions and stories to come out! Have you wondered about that conversation: 4-figure 5-figure 6-figure business, etc.? Let’s take a brief look under the surface of “How Many Figures????”

When we work at the energy/blueprint level, we learn attention and intention are fundamental to our work. Energy naturally goes where we direct our attention and intention.

If we put our attention on, say, a story of how we ‘don’t have enough’, then that story receives a boost of energy from us. Our IN-tention helps guide our A-ttention. If our intention is to “live in divine wealth”, then this can help guide our attention to SEE the possibility of living in divine wealth. In the process, we redirect our energy flow from old habits of ‘not enough’, toward new habits.

So let’s jump to revenue. As heart-centered, spiritually-driven entrepreneurs, the question of how much money we intend to make is not only a business question, but an ethical and spiritual one.

A decision to enter into business is a decision to receive money. As we CONSCIOUSLY enter into that co-creative relationship with Money, we need to set an INTENTION! A revenue goal is simply an intention for your relationship with money.

Ever heard of 2-figure revenue goals? It even sounds kinda funny. That’s a booming lemonade stand business. But even if we’re serious about our soul purpose BEING our business, we need to make the first dollar! We all start out a 0-figure entrepreneur. So starting from there…

Using your attention, do you SEE your revenue intention as a mundane business goal, a cost of living calculation, and/or a moral-political statement? These are valid in their own way, but let’s go further.

If we use our attention to see at the energetic level, we can see this as a creative design question. This is fundamentally a CREATION question and a DESIGN question. Notice how that shifts things? There’s no attachment to anything—we’re FREE to be Creators and Designers. Here’s what I mean…

If our attention is on cost of living, mundane business, politics, or morality, we’re still in the cultural matrix that is so thick with the energies of sacrifice, limitation, fear, inequality, and utter scarcity. By shifting to the question of Creative Design, we’re no longer in the disharmony of the cultural matrix. YOU are the creator, and YOU get to decide, not based on reactions, opinions, judgments, fears, beliefs, etc., but as a Conscious Creator, dreaming into being a Divine Business to SERVE the planet and ALL beings.

As you dance this path, ask: Where am I now, and What do I want to create? What’s the energy I want to intend for my divine business? What revenue intention will draw out my fullest service, to the most people, the most effectively? What will challenge me to stop hiding and playing small, and truly BECOME the powerhouse of Love and Magic that I AM?

Step into the Luminous Creator role for a moment—you are the Architect and the Gardener, sent on a mission of Love, to be of Highest Service to the Planet.

NOW, what sacred intention do you want to set, according to what timetable? Look at all the possibilities!

0-figure: We begin in hiding. Our business is seeded in the sacred soil. The plans are laid out. No action.

1-figure: Action begins! Now we are germinating. Taking some form. A number of INITIATION. Look at all the possibility!

2-figure: We are a seedling, very small. But THERE. Established as a potential.

3-figure: Now there’s some good movement. Roots growing. Things are clearly changing—something has surely been born! What will unfold???

4-figure: This is a solid structure number. 4 directions 4 elements 4 walls in your room. You can truly begin building something here. You’re not playing anymore.

5-figure: Change and movement are afoot. Alchemy is transforming your intention into manifest reality. As you move into 5, you begin to be able to ‘live off’ your business. You are transforming personally. This is a number of expansion, with new challenges and possibilities arising, and new systems being implemented for experimentation. A radiant wind of light.

6-figure: A new evolution of stable structure; more advanced than 4-structure. Many systems and habits developed during 4- and 5-figure work have died off, as you re-stabilize and streamline into 6. Confidence & Collaboration. Knowing. This is the number of quartz/amethyst crystals, silicon computer chips, ruby, and water crystals. Think of the high-functioning integrated hexagon-based structure of the honeycomb. New type of clientele. Four directions/elements (horizontal) PLUS Earth and Heaven (vertical dimension). A Crystal Mountain.

7-figure: Re-enter a cycle of change at a new level. Transformation and evolution into even greater possibility. New doors open. New spiritual powers emerge, confidence and knowing of six leads to amplified decision-making and manifestation powers at seven. Maybe explosion, definitely expansion.

8-figure: New level of balance and stability. Deep roots. A Crystal Mountain Range.

9-figure: Completion of this cycle. Vast possibility emerges. Something new is coming. Old inertia comes to an end, shedding, death, majesty, victory.

on and on…

Sacred numbers, ALL!

As a luminous architect, creator, gardener, designer, we get to step outside of all the limiting beliefs, opinions, fears, sacrifices, etc. into the limitless being we are. It is from THERE that the most potent creations come from. If you are a VISIONARY, then YOU MUST LEAVE your cultural box and go out, into the mountains, into the desert, into the wild, and find your vision. Abolition, womens suffrage, human flight, space travel, breaking the sound barrier, round earth, evolution—all came from people who took Sacred Journey beyond the current ‘reality’ of their times.

Not a single location in the journey is better or worse—in fact, there is no conversation of better or worse, right vs. wrong. Neither is there conversation of worth, inequality, greed, scarcity, sacrifice, morality, ‘fair share’, or financial asceticism. By going to the energetic level, we shift our emphasis out of the limiting stories of our limiting times, and into the space of SPIRITUAL VISION.

YOU get to choose what you want to create. What intention you want to set, to magnetize and maintain your attention.

YES, I can serve lots of people AND have lots of money AND grow spiritually at a high level AND be humble and at ease AND manifest Love and Beauty everywhere I go AND whatever else you want to put in the pot! OR SOMETHING ELSE! As Creator, you get to choose. That means you cannot be a victim to anything.

Here’s the invitation: let go and adventure beyond the box, into the Grand Field of Possibility. Co-create and collaborate with the divine nature frequency called ‘money’ and the divine number system. Unplug from the disharmonious, duality-based cultural stories currently being played out in the larger world around us. Stop reading the newspaper. Breathe into the heart within the heart that is infinite in its magnificence.

Aspire to be of the perfect size—not too big, not too small—let go of worry about how it’ll happen. Set your intention of perfection at the energetic level, focus your attention on your intention, and give the rest up to your divine self, the angels, God, and the universe. Remember: they’re all sacred numbers—are you called to make 3 figures? 5? 10? 111? You get to choose, in creative conversation with your highest destinies. No number or amount of money is more ‘spiritual’ than another.

As we mentioned before, your business does indeed have a life of it’s own and it is growing YOU as much as YOU are growing it! A full-feeling heart-driven spiritually-energized 5- then 6- then 7-figures intention has helped and continues to help US ground and stabilize the power in OUR business, to leap forward along our spiritual journey, and to expand into the GREATEST level of service we’re here to provide to the planet. The same opportunity—to set your intentions cleanly and from a place of freedom—is indeed before You, Dear Hearts.

There is magnificent energetic support available. Invoke the sacred fire angels of abundance and wealth, and the crystalline nature Devas of money to support your path. Set your intention, stay out of the old stories, LET GO, and GO FOR IT!


  1. It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of snsuhine.

    • Mikhael

      May the light continue to pour in! Thanks for sharing, Liberty!

      • Way to use the internet to help people solve prolbmes!

        • Mikhael

          What a gift indeed. Thank you for posting, Ebony. Wishing you beauty in all you are and all you do, and praying that divine solutions manifest themselves to you whenever something challenging appears. There is SO much help out there. Cheers! -Mikhael 🙂

    • Boy that rlaely helps me the heck out.

  2. I so love your message supporting spiritual business vision! You write with such heart and clarity – thank you 😉 Blessings and Joy~

    • Mikhael

      Thank you, Renee! I am so glad you resonated and received 🙂 Yes – writing with heart and clarity! It wasn’t always that way – so a big amen to all those now awakening and teaching themselves to share their messages authentically, with heart and clarity. Thank you for sharing, Renee! Blessings be upon you, Dear Sister! -Mikhael 🙂

  3. The bottom line is you decide what kind of business you want to start based on your qualifications as well as something you love to do.

    • Mikhael

      Absolutely, Stephanie! You decide! As creator beings, we get to decide what we desire to create, then take the steps to manifest that. At the moment, there are limitations that show up sometimes, but those are just temporary conditions on the larger path of awakening and becoming an unlimited being. Cheers, Stephanie!

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