Horse Medicine – Part One: Powerful Partnership

Nov 15, 2013 by

Horse Medicine – Part One  Powerful Partnership



Out of all the Power Animals – HORSE is the animal that actually STANDS for POWER. When Horse allowed itself to be put into service to humans we were able to go greater distances and explore so much more of our world than we could walking around on just our own two legs! Horse opened up worlds of possibility that just weren’t there for us before we came into Partnership. In Partnership is where we are able to exponentially make an impact with our work and our message.  Horse is coming in this series to partner with you in learning how to manage and master your power and the potential in your partnerships so that you and your partners can power up purposeful, positive, profitable possibilities.  Possibilities that will serve more people and make you all more money!

To be a good partner it’s important that you know yourself and your business really well FIRST. Only from a space of self awareness can you enter into a partnership cleanly.

When you step into the partnership dance, opening up the lines of communication is your first vital act.  It’s useful to recognize that not everyone communicates in the same way and that for different people (and organizations too!) there are separate, subtle meanings that can be attached to certain words and phrases.   If there are any words that you feel “Charged” by – you must take the responsibility to do your own inner work, discover the core of the charge and release it.   

Money is a charged word for many.  I’ve been working with clients lately around selling:  Exchanging MONEY for the services that they offer.   You must be in right relationship yourself with money (and with your mission) if you are going to be able to successfully command your value in the marketplace.  In some recent work with a client we uncovered a previous life where she’d sold potions in the marketplace and was arrested and bound and beaten for doing so.  The following “karmic contract” was revealed:  “I will never do healing or sell my services for money in the marketplace again”.   When we discovered this contract it became clear why she’s been “playing business” for the last 4 years, with a business entity set up, a merchant account, a spiffy website, plenty of investments in business coaching and mentorship and after 4 years nary a client…..  Her new contract?  “I will heal and make magic and money in the marketplace!”  Yippee – I can not WAIT to celebrate her first client coming on board because this woman has a ton of great medicine to bring to the people she’s here to serve.
Selling is an act of POWER.  It’s in the selling  conversation that the doorway of opportunity is opened for someone to make an investment in themselves and create a transformation in their lives.   When you are in that conversation you want to hold the intention that you are partnering with someone from the start.
Partner with me in the coming weeks as I share with you the messages about partnership, power and prosperity that come through from our friend the Horse!
The best way you can partner me?  Share the love by forwarding links to posts that you find impactful and by posting your comments below!

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