Horse Medicine – Part Two: Corralling Your Creativity

Dec 15, 2013 by

Horse Medicine  – Part Two: Corralling Your Creativity

Herd gallops in the sand storm

Holy COW am I creative!!   It’s one of my greatest assets and one of my greatest challenges – because I can EASILY get caught up in creating to the detriment of my health, my business and my sanity sometimes!

When I get going on a creative roll it’s hard to stop me. What can end up happening is that I’ll end up with 27 different projects all sitting in piles in varying stages of completion. This is not good.

One of the things that horse has come to share with me (and you too!) is that corralling your creativity actually brings you more peace and more power because you can FOCUS more easily and see better results when you don’t have too many things pulling you in too many different directions.

Imagine what it would be like if a horse was harnessed to a wagon and the reins went to someone sitting on the buckboard – but also to someone standing to the left, another person standing to the right, and 24 more people standing all around the horse?

When the signal gets sent to go from a multitude of directions what is the poor horse to do?? NOTHING!! Why??? Well it’s totally unclear what the PRIME DIRECTION is to step into and therefore really unable to move forward at all.

This is what it’s like for YOU when you have too many projects going simultaneously.   You end up in a POWER PARALYSIS.   This is why it’s important for you to learn the fine art of Corralling Your Creativity!

Here are some Horse Medicine tips for you to do just that:

  1. Have places to CAPTURE your Creativity    In my world I capture creative ideas in a variety of places – I have my favorite journals that I use to capture my work with my clients – these give me the “words” that my clients use in sessions that I can then utilize to market my services to generate interest with more prospective clients.   I also capture ideas for blog posts, articles, ezine fodder and potential programs in the “notes” section of my Iphone.   Finally I will often capture ideas and diagrams for programs, products, books or service delivery options on  random sheets of recycled paper that I then put into colored slash folders.   I have slash folder “Corrals” for speech ideas too.
  2. Engage in  a regular CLEANSE    Once a quarter, go into your creativity corrals and “mow the grass” so to speak – sort through everything and toss those random scraps that have words on them that at the time meant something to you but now you haven’t got a clue what the idea was.  Cleansing opens up space for your mind to roam—and your work area to be freed of stuck energy that no longer serves.
  3. Make a CONSCIOUS CHOICE about exactly how much time and energy each creative idea will take to execute and about exactly which ideas will further your purpose AND your profitability.  Consciously CHOOSE to have NO MORE THAN THREE THINGS aside from your ongoing business operations that you will devote your creative juice to.   When you have a business, you want to focus FIRST AND FOREMOST on the CASH CREATING ideas and execute them first. This is the direction you want your “wagon” to be going—towards consistent cash flowso that you aren’t having to tap in to your creativity to solve a CRISIS.
  4. Make sure you put the “Keepers” in COLD STORAGE    Some ideas that come to me are REALLY REALLY BIG and feel massively exciting with huge potential for profits but in order to pursue them I’d  have to make a radical shift in my business that would disrupt my cash flow creation to my detriment.  These ideas go down in a plastic box in my basement which I call my “cold storage”  One of those ideas has been in there for 18 months and I’ve just this year started to build it.

If you are anything like me, the hardest tip is probably making the choice to energize only THREE Things!  Helping messengers to get out of overwhelm is one of the benefits of working with me.  Let me know if you have an interest in exploring that possibility by applying for a Message to Millions Map Session here:

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