Horse Medicine – Part 11 – Head Shots with Your Wreath of Roses!

Aug 15, 2014 by

Horse Medicine – Part 11 – Head Shots with Your Wreath of Roses!

xx-ezine-roseWoo HOOO!!! You’ve made it!!! You’ve brought your vision into fruition, your message is clear, your people are here, you are running in the races, and going to lots of places! Sometimes you lose and sometimes you choose to step back from the pace to fall into grace! And sometimes…….


The amount of energy, commitment, dedication, perseverance, practice, partnership, creativity, boundary setting, presenting, and proposing to prospects has finally PAID OFF!! You have the sale!! You have folks to work with. You are in a co-creative partnership where money is being exchanged in return for the wisdom and support that you have to offer. You and your new client(s) are now in the WINNER’S CIRCLE and it’s time to celebrate! In the world of Horse Racing the winner of the Kentucky Derby gets adorned with a garland of roses that is quite exquisite to behold – you can see series of photos and read about how the tradition was started here:

Taking the time to celebrate is an act of empowerment – a good celebration allows you to take a pause, look back on the experiences, harvest the learning and move forward with renewed vigor to your most inspired “what’s next” move. When we challenge ourselves to creating achievements and we fail to celebrate – we dishonor ourselves and the creative spark that initiated the entire process to begin with!

I like to incorporate ceremony and ritual into my personal formula for celebration. Ceremony (like the presentation ceremony of the garland of roses) allows for all the players in the experience to come together and bask in the collective energy of success. Ceremonial celebration is also a time to give thanks and gratitude for the journey and it’s a time to recognize what everyone contributed to the experience including the audience!

xx-ezine-amethystHere are some guidelines for a great celebration:

Celebrate as close to the completion of your epic win as possible – if you can’t do it immediately then set a date so that your celebration happens within days to harness the energy from the actual winning moment itself.

Include your audience if at all possible – group energy – especially celebratory group energy is contagious – we can all use a booster shot of positivity so the more people you can engage in your party the better.

Be sure to recognize the key players who contributed to your win with some kind of a symbolic or literal gesture or memento (like roses!)

Take PICTURES and share them to commemorate the moment and the win – pictures provide social proof that you’ve actually accomplished something, help you to build credibility and pique the interest of people who may have missed the win this time but would love to be a part of your next winning endeavor.

ENJOY the party yourself – this is not about making more work for you – on the contrary this is about you fully tasting the fruits of victory – ask for and let yourself receive the support you need to make a great celebration. This is not one more thing for your to do list it’s your turn to BE – The Winner! Soak in that energy and own it baby because you did what it takes and you deserve to receive fully in return.

Thanks for sharing the Horse Medicine Journey with me – this is the last post in the series. I hope that you enjoyed every step of the way and I look forward to sending you a rose when you have a win to celebrate – be sure to share your wins in the comments below and keep on standing in your glorious purposeful power!

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