Horse Medicine – Part Five: Going Round in Circles in the Round Pen

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Horse Medicine – Part Five: Going Round in Circles in the Round Pen

American miniature horse in roundabout

Do you ever feel like YOU are going around in circles in your business?  Does it FRUSTRATE you to feel like you aren’t really making any forward motion?   Would you like to understand what’s really happening inside YOU that’s causing you to do this?  Well our friends the horses have some powerful medicine to share with you about the HIDDEN VALUE to be had in going round in circles in the round pen!

We love to fool ourselves into believing that business success comes via a linear sequence of steps.

Do A and add a little B and you’ll get C.

For example:

Speaking + Making Offers (Selling)  =  SUCCESS (Money Money Money & Results Results Results)

Well this formula actually does work – In fact it’s part of a bigger formula that I use in my business that has allowed me to create a multi-six figure business that is rapidly approaching the 7 figure mark in total revenue generated in the last 5 years.   However it does NOT work linearly!!!

I’ve booked and delivered more than 400 speaking gigs virtually during that time.   I have made more than 400 offers to support and service entrepreneurs who have big messages and missions to serve our planet.   I’ve generated a LOT of money (Thanks God!).   AND I’ve had PLENTY of speaking engagements that resulted in the big GOOSE EGG – Zero Money, Zero Results, Nothing, Nada, Nope, Nope, Nope.

There were PLENTY of times that I felt like I was going around in circles.   I experienced many days and nights where I felt incredibly frustrated because I was surrounded by others who were “following the formula” and succeeding WYLDLY.   Secretly I was JEALOUS and often times ANGRY and RESENTFUL. I can’t tell you how many times I BEAT MYSELF UP and wondered what the hell was wrong with me (and my “Upstairs Team” guidance that kept telling me to keep doing those gigs that turnout out to be losing propositions.)

Ultimately though, as I look back, all those gigs were absolutely perfectly and divinely put in my path to help me to practice and to build up my speaking and selling muscles.

Horses are trained in the Round Pen to build Communication and Trust between them and their trainer/rider.

Here’s what all those speaking gigs did for me:

  1. Built trust – IN MYSELF – to be able to speak, to be able to manage all the moving parts of a virtual presentation, to be able to share a CLEAR message, to tune in to an “invisible” audience, to perform professionally, to make offers, to sell, to succeed.
  2. Built trust – IN MY TEAM – to be able to support me in working with partners and hosts, to be able to set up the back end support for delivering products and complimentary materials to audiences,  to seek out and vet opportunities for serving more people with my talks, to say NO on my behalf when an opportunity isn’t a fit for me, to serve  and nurture those people who do become part of our community either as prospects, clients or customers.
  3. Built trust  – IN THE FORMULA – to actually work!   One thing I learned about this formula is that SUCCESS is NOT A LINEAR PROCESS – it’s ORGANIC!   Repeatedly going around the ‘round pen’ (or the “virtual speaking circuit” in my case) allowed me to experience incredible success – I have shared the stage with movie stars, best selling authors, the top authorities in a variety of fields—both entrepreneurial as well as spiritual.  I have become a recognized ‘minor celebrity’ in my own right, internationally, because I’ve been HEARD BY MILLIONS and my name and my message is OUT THERE all Round Round Round the World!!

Horse medicine says – be willing to go around in circles because in addition to Building Trust , you are also building Credibility & Communication with your Community.  With every step you take and every booking you make when you have what appears to be ZERO results, instead of being frustrated be aware that you are practicing perseverance and polishing your performance for the organically perfect moment when you will profit handsomely from following your purposeful path!

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