Horse Medicine – Part Four: Jumping Over Obstacles

Jan 22, 2014 by

Horse Medicine – Part Four: Jumping Over Obstacles

Every now and then an OBSTACLE shows up on your path of purpose and prosperity and most of the time when this happens we tend to either pull up short and stop our forward momentum, or we crash into the obstacle and get all scraped and bruised, or even worse we ENGAGE the obstacle and energize it so that it becomes bigger than life and a ton of our energy gets consumed in the battle.

Our friends the horses have a heads up for you! You can actually JUMP over the obstacles in your path with the right training, clear vision and great partners. One thing that MENTORS do is provide you with the support that you need to not only SEE the obstacles in the path but to jump over them with ease and grace. Here are some thoughts on mentorship:

  1. A mentor is someone who is at or has already surpassed the place that you want to be. Want to Be Heard By Millions??? Pick a mentor who has done that!
  2. A mentor has clear vision of the journey you are embarking on having gone through the obstacles themselves either because they scrambled their way through on their own or (if they are smart) with the support of mentors of their own. Want to avoid the expense, time, energy of trial and error, throw spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks marketing of your message? Pick a mentor who can help you get CLEAR not only on your own vision but also one who can help you CONNECT with the prayers of the people who are struggling with the exact problems you were uniquely made to solve!
  3. A mentor will partner you to EMPOWER you to succeed on YOUR terms not theirs – the VERY BEST mentors will lay out their route, path, system or formula for success – will share with you what worked for them AND they will not be attached to you doing everything “THEIR” way but rather will encourage you to take the best of what works for you and leave the rest behind. Pick a mentor who is more interested in elevating YOU to your highest destiny and pathway to prosperity rather than one who is only interested in elevating themselves at your expense.
  4. A mentor will encourage you to JUMP to VICTORY rather than engage in victimhood. Yes you will have to INVEST – and because you have chosen to INVEST in YOURSELF through the mentor you can be assured that you will receive a return! 

    Even the WORST INVESTMENTS I’ve made in mentors (meaning I didn’t feel like I really received even a smidgen of what I was promised at the time – Oh Poor Victim Me!!) turned out to have big returns for me later down the line. Investments in yourself will never go to waste believe me – you can never lose when you bet on yourself!

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