Horse Medicine Part Six – Showing your Stuff

Mar 15, 2014 by

Horse Medicine Part Six – Showing your Stuff

Horse Medicine 6

I just finished a week of filming promotional videos with the team from Fishtank Video Productions and it was awesome!  There’s something so amazing about the act of performance – showing your stuff – being SEEN and (hopefully!) delivering what it is that you do best.

Coming off the winter Olympics we’ve been reminded again how important all that practice and preparation is AND we have also been SHOWN what it takes to be a champion.

Our friends the horses have a few lessons about preparing, practicing and performing to perfection – when it’s time to PUT ON A SHOW!!  Here we grow!!!

  • To be seen and heard, to be recognized and acknowledged is a basic need of all beings – animals as well as humans.   When you have a gift, whether it’s the gift of carrying others, or the gift of jumping to new heights with ease, or the gift of overcoming obstacles and displaying your grace under pressure, the gift must be SHOWN in order to be received.
  • To prepare for showing your stuff you must focus not only on the technical skills but also on the artistry with which you as a unique individual show up and shine.   Each being has their own ‘imprint’ or signature style and finding and developing yours is something you want to focus on. Anyone can go through the motions—no one can do it quite the way you do!  Be proud of you and your essential nature—be in gratitude for the unique you that you are—be aware that your personal point of view is meant to be shared and has value.
  • To continue to expand and grow and perfect your performance you must practice and you must be willing to take center stage and perform—again and again and again.   Each practice is a performance and each performance a practice.
  • To keep your momentum going and to acknowledge yourself for your efforts you must celebrate and allow yourself to RECEIVE the rewards. Whether those rewards are medals, ribbons or revenue, if you can not receive you will not be able to sustain the courage and the commitment to your calling for long.
  • To be a peak performer rest is essential—learning to let go of those activities that are not in service to the vision of perfection and peak performance is an act of powerstretch yourself, yesand then rest. Rest and recover your energystore your powerallow the stretching to integrate and release anything that might be keeping you in the smaller space you just stretched out of so that you can take up residence with ease into your next highest level of exposure and success.
  • To learn from mis-takes, review what didn’t work. Not with an eye for criticizing or self-punishment, but with a compassionate heart and a dispassionate acuity. With an eye that allows you to see how to improve and embellish on the better aspects of your performance and easily release the habits, patterns of behavior or routines that cause you to stumble.   Look at and listen to yourselfdo you like what you see and hear? What would you like to do better next time? What would you like to stop doing? Take action and make change.

Speaking of showing your stuff – thought you’d enjoy a recent performance of mine:

Check out my podcast interview with @Derrick Duplessy! Mr. Purpose Rockstar! The link has been fixed and it’s now LIVE again! God, I love being interviewed! It’s so empowering!!

Photo courtesy of Michele Monaghan Mullinix of Victory Sport Horses & David Mullinix Photography

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