Horse Medicine – Part Three: Pay Attention to those Fences

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Horse Medicine –
Part Three: Pay Attention to those Fences


“Good fences make good neighbors” – Robert Frost


The cultivation and expansion of POWER is only possible by setting good boundaries and being clear about maintaining them.   Boundaries that are impeccable allow you to build your power, contain it, concentrate it, appreciate it and when the time comes…… GENERATE with it.    Your creative power, your God Given ability to manifest anything you desire, is a precious and valuable gift that you want to be mindful of and to build strong and beautiful fences around! 

One challenge that I find with the incredibly creative women (and the few wise men) that I have the pleasure of serving is that they will set boundaries and then (and I am certainly one who has done this myself!) sooner or later they will breach them.  

When you breach your OWN BOUNDARIES you are sending some messages to the Universe that may not be in your highest interest:

  1. You aren’t really serious when you draw a line in the sand
  2. You aren’t really valuing your time, energy, personal power, resources
  3. Your word – to yourself – is no good
  4. You are untrustworthy to yourself (and also to others)
  5. What someone else wants is more important/valuable/worthy than what you want

These are only a few of the negative messages that get sent when you violate your word to yourself.    Can you think of others?  Will you share in the comments, below??

How do we stop this?   Our friends the Horses ask us to Pay Attention!  Here is what they suggest:

First – Recognize that YOU are the creator (in partnership with the Universe) of your own life – either consciously or unconsciously – so why not take personal responsibility and create with awareness.

Second – Know what YOU want!  We need to take time out of our busy lives (stop the world so to speak) and give ourselves the grace to assess our circumstances, review our life and determine for real what is working for us that we want to continue to nurture and grow and what we need to throw outside of the fence and leave behind.  How about LETTING GO of KEEPING UP!  So often what we create in our lives is a result of what OTHERS have suggested, programmed, advertised, marketed, persuaded, or manipulated us to believe we want.  In truth if we just got quiet and shut out all the external noise we’d be more able to hear the whispers of our OWN heart and know what we actually want to be, do, and have.

Third – Be STRONG and WILLING to hold the line on your own behalf.   This might just mean ending some things.  Relationships, careers, living arrangements, habits, and patterns can and often do change drastically when we step to the line and express our truth.   You may have to say “ENOUGH, I am COMPLETE.” and be prepared to walk away in faith that you’ll really be better off by honoring your own heart and following it rather than caving to pressures from loved ones or society.  

Call upon HORSE Medicine to support you when you need to be strong, to stand your ground and to pay attention to those fences.

This medicine applies to your creative ventures, your business partnerships, your personal relationships but most importantly it starts with your word to you.   When you are impeccable with your word to yourself, all is really quite well in the world.


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