I wonder… How would you spend it – if today were your last?

Dec 15, 2015 by


grave stones


Your invitation – drink deeply of this image – allow it to inform and speak to you – how would you spend it if today were your last? What do the bones of the ancestors have to share? Write back to me and share the wisdom that you have distilled by engaging your natural wonder.


Recently I have been “hearing” from the ancestors that it’s of high value to distill their wisdom and at the same time to dis-engage from all of their dramas, traumas and terrors. We are evolving as a species and while history has it’s place – the STORIES that we tell and retell are CREATIVE. The word is very very powerful and that which we focus upon expands. During the phase of time while the nu-Icon movie episodes were being released, my writing channel reopened in a great big WHOOSH and a lot of my childhood stories surfaced for the telling. Many potent and powerfully painful experiences were shared on my Facebook wall in a series of 9 posts that were all about me learning to hate and now learning to love my feelings. As I dug in this dirt – cultivating my own roots and gathering up the nutrients of those experiences – I began to feel clearer and lighter than I have in a long time. I’m someone who is incredibly expressive and has done a mighty amount of healing work on myself and still – there it was – more to be harvested from the past. I chose to consciously dig through and retell the stories not to REPLAY them but to release all the power that has been stored in the silence of them not being shared.


As an Empowered Messenger, one of the most important things we can do with our message is to create a connection – to touch, move, inspire, motivate or otherwise activate or awaken our readers or listeners. That means we serve BEST when we serve up our most touching stories – sometimes these stories are funny anecdotes and observations of life in general – and at other times these stories can be deeply painful, incredibly traumatic or horribly sad and dark. Those stories are generally the ones – when shared cleanly employing “Serpent Medicine” to support us to get right to the bare truth of the experience – that make the most impact, create the most resonance or connection with the people we are destined to serve and allow us to influence with our distilled wisdom from the experience. These are also the EXACT stories that are often tripping us up because we haven’t shared them – because we have suppressed, repressed or depressed or maybe even denied that they happened or are still impacting us.


From the moment when I first stepped on to the path of serving people in the role of mentor/healer, I have helped hundreds of clients and literally millions of people around the world to initiate the healing processes that allow for the treasures in these stories to be harvested, for the pain to be released and for its conversion into handsome profitability – both financially as well as in social good. This is what lies at the core of the work here at The Empowered Messenger – helping people who have significant vision to find and fully express their voice, claim their value, leap into a leadership role as global change agents and profit handsomely from following their Spiritual/Purposeful Path.


Don’t die with the stories still inside you – your suffering and the shit you went through to get to where you are today is magnificent fertilizer for significant success.


How would you spend it…. If today were your last?

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