If you want to make money, you’ll fail

Apr 17, 2012 by

If you want to make money, you’ll fail.

And in case you were wondering, ‘wanting’ isn’t the problem.

Have you ever felt like you get in your own way?  We’ve heard that again and again.  “I just can’t seem to get out of my own way!”

If the ‘you’ who desires to make money is the ‘you’ that can sometimes get in your own way, make mistakes, have issues, and experience both good and bad, then there’s a natural wall up against true permanent success and abundance.

No earthly human self has ever made money.

The God Presence I AM of each of us makes money – the I AM is infinite supply.  The little human self has in fact gotten really good at putting up walls of shame, fear, doubt, and judgment that actually block the money flow from God.

The God of our own being desires without end to pour endless divine abundance into our lives, and conspires at every chance given, to do so.  But we are free will beings, and most of us have quite the momentum of wrapping our free will around duality and discord consciousness.  What’s the result?

We cut ourselves off from our own infinite divine inheritance, and live in a limited human consciousness of duality, that karmically requires the appearances of financial security and abundant supply to all be transient, impermanent and unreliable – creating suffering.

This is why it’s not uncommon for rich people to be just as worried about keeping their money and supply as poor people are about obtaining it.  It’s all duality.  All suffering and limitation.  Neither is true freedom – financial or otherwise.

Just looking at ourselves in our own business – even with hundreds of thousands of dollars coming in, the duality consciousness within us has experienced occasional worry or concern about whether there would be enough.  And at times there certainly didn’t seem to be!

What’s the solution?

Well, to be direct about it, it’s God.

No, not some silly human-made controlling judging withholding abandoning man in the sky.  No – It’s your own divine self.  Your Infinitely Abundant Presence that lives inside and above you.  That which is known as your individualized I AM Presence, that is your true self.

Remember what Yeshu said: “I of my own self can do no thing – it is the Mighty God Self I AM that doeth all things”

He also said: “Seek ye first The God I AM within, and all things shall be added unto you.”

Have you ever thought of Jesus Christ as a business coach?

If ‘you’ want to make money, you’re destined to be caught into the whirlwind of impermanence and fuel your separation from the great abundant reality you desire.  ‘You’ don’t make money.  Your own God Self reveals the money and supply and abundance that is already yours, through you.

Stop taking credit.  Seriously.  The credit you CAN take is that you opened yourself enough, loved enough, and surrenered enough, for blessings to flow into your outer life.  So start pouring more gratitude and love to your God Self I AM.

Eventually on this path, you will be fully embodied AS your God Self I AM, but until that time, treat it as if it were a dear beloved intimate all-loving super-compassionate trillionaire friend.  We all have one!  How cool!!!

As you pour your love to your Divine Self, you will energize divine solutions to your money and supply – which are always more efficient, graceful and elegant than human solutions.  The human has had it’s day.

Here’s the deal: Do you really need more contrast in your life?  Do you feel like you still need to learn from failure, struggle, suffering?  The good, the bad and the ugly?  How many hundreds of lifetimes will you need to go through, before you make a new decision?

It’s 2012.  It’s time.  Choose a high vision for yourself.  One in which you declare as the leader of your consciousness:

“Okay – I refuse to crucify myself further.  I am done ‘learning’ from mistakes, only to make more mistakes and be bound in an endless cycle of learning and mistakes.  I am done ‘having issues’.  How many lifetimes or life lessons do I need to have?  If there’s discord and suffering, I won’t have it!  Not in my life.  I am here to serve the light, and I AM done with any habits or beliefs that sap or diffuse my God-given spiritual energy, that could be used for ever greater service!!!  I am ready for something different.  I am ready to be FREE and to serve without limit!!!  Beloved I AM Presence, See It Done!”

Call to your I AM Presence, and pour your gratitude to that part of yourself that has never known lack or limitation.  By pouring your love and gratitude, you open the way for that to flow back upon you 10 billion fold.  Divine Love is the Mother’s Magnet’s Presence.  The attractor that holds the universe together.  Magnetize yourself to your already abundant self!  Resist no more!

Welcome your heart’s desire to live in total ever-flowing divine abundance, and say goodbye to wanting to make money.

Remember: if you want to make money, you’re setting yourself up for failure.  Not necessarily failure to make money – but failure to lift up and out of the matrix of suffering, impermanence and limitation.  Abundance does not live in that matrix.

If you are reading this, then you are in transition.  In transition out of the human, and into the Christ I AM of your being.  Congratulations!  You have done much inner work, and moved through many challenges to get where you are today.  Keep up that blessed momentum, dear heart!  Beautiful work!

Seek ye first the God Self within, and that God Self I AM of your being will supply all you require and more.

And yes – ask for money.  Run a business.  Accept payment plans and donations and inheritance checks and tax refunds and love-free gifts and mysterious checks in the mail.

God is here, there and everywhere, and works through physical channels!

God is not disembodied!

Welcome your divine inheritance to flow to you through every available channel, and judge not any sacred channel.  Bless each, and bless your Presence, that it’s great Love may reveal itself in through and as you, today and forevermore.

And be at peace, dear heart.  Be at peace.


  1. Beautiful, inspiring article. It brought tears of gratitude and love. Thank you so much for your energy from the heart. And even knowing all that I know, this is still something I needed to hear. Blessings to you!

    • Mikhael

      Blessings Estra!
      Thank you for sharing. Yes – sometimes hearing what you know said in a different way, or simply repeated, at the right time, can work wonders. Pouring gratitude and love right back to you, and to both our Mighty I AM Presences! Peace, Mikhael 🙂

  2. Charmaine

    What a powerful comment on the ‘Christ I am’ – I do EFT am & pm on being
    connected to source and overcoming limiting beliefs. Before the tapping routine begins there is a short explanation as follows:
    “A lack of money isn’t really the problem it’s a symptom of the problem. We’ve
    forgotten who we are: we are connected to Infinite Source. When you are feeling that connection you have plenty of abundance – more than enough money for what you need and you know its okay!”
    So thank you for your
    encouraging divine words of wisdom on being in transition which has brought me
    closer to understanding. This morning I started meditating on being connected to Infinite Source – For a few seconds I saw double rainbows and butterflies as large as saucers in a kaleidoscope of vivid translucent colours, rather like the peacock on your website – is this morphic resonance, synchronicity – a quantum leap or what?
    I don’t care what label it goes under it just feels great! It’s magic!
    Thank you for this insight which is enabling me to see more clearly –
    All love and light to you dearest ones…..

    • Mikhael

      You’re SO welcome, Charmaine! Absolutely – right on with your comments. Thank you for sharing 🙂 Magic indeed!!! Love and Beauty to you and your sacred work 🙂 -Mikhael

  3. Thank you beautiful Amethyst and Mikhael for your empowering, resonating, profound message!

    This has actually been a topic of discussion this week with some of my dearest friends (divine timing!) – as we’ve all embarked on the journey of BEing who we are truly meant to be here, as heart-centered entrepreneurs! When I launched my website 5 months ago, I thought I had it all figured out… but THEN… I was called to let go and “be”… listen deeply… everything I had learned had to be unlearned through complete surrendering and trust (!!!)… Well, as I took that courageous leap of faith into complete unknown,… abundance showed up to support me through this major transition (in miraculous ways!). So I was able to relax into deeper surrender… and I realized I’ve still been “playing safe”! I couldn’t believe it.

    So I listened to your call Amethyst about “Speaking Your Truth” on the Wellness Revolution program and know without a doubt that I’m being divinely guided! Again, divine timing! I will share this article with my circle of dear friends! This evening as another empowered action to my commitment to Mother Earth on this glorious Earth Day, I will dive into your “Feel Safe Speaking” package that I invested in!

    A heart-felt thank you for BEING! I send you both much love and wish you a wonder-filled Earth Day and “inner journey”!

    with wonder-filled spirit,

    • Mikhael

      We are so grateful for your sharing, and your sacred work – there is more than candy at the end of this golden road! 🙂 Blessings upon your Feel Safe Speaking journey, and please do let us know how we may serve you further! May we all learn to play it safe the divine way – get out there, listen, and know we are under the protection and guidance of our own God Selves – and by knowing it, sealing it as done. Peace and Blessings, Lucille! in partnership, Mikhael 🙂

  4. sue

    Very Inspiring thankyou i feel that I AM at the starting point all new learning

  5. As I was reading your article I felt as if God, The Universe. I AM Presence was talking to me confirmimg that I AM in the right way! What a Syncronicity. I loved the insight of an Embodied God! THANK YOU

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