In Times of Darkness – Let Your Voice Blaze Forth the Light

Nov 9, 2016 by

Love Tree


Messenger – you are here to speak – to serve – to transmit truth.  When you landed on this planet you came encoded with a gift – perhaps more than one.   Perhaps you are a “seer” who can see beyond the veil, perhaps you are one who hears the voices of the angels, perhaps your feeling capacity is the “6th sense” that you are most activated serve with or maybe you are simply a “knower” who knows without knowing why you know – you simply know.

I remember when I was first activated and awakened to my multi-dimensional nature and to my “super senses” – and I know for sure if you are reading here then you are resonant, like me, perhaps newly awakened or perhaps deepening ever more profoundly into your capacity to see, hear, feel or know in a way that is beyond what has been considered “normal human” sensory capacity.     When my awakening happened at first I was overwhelmed, then I was slightly jealous of those companions who came in to my circle who were able to “SEE” in ways that I wasn’t yet.

Then I learned – through my own experience and through many esoteric teachings that I began to study – that we ALL have these “super sensory” capacities – however we have not been taught about them, exercised or trained them, or in some cases we’ve been prohibited or frightened away from using them by our society, culture, religion or family of origin.

I started to invest in working to understand my own gifts and began the quest of looking for teachers and communities of integrity to support and assist me in my own spiritual growth and development.   I still to this day am consistently invested in my own personal, professional and spiritual development and I encourage the same for you.

Here is my invitation for you – it’s time – past time really – for those of you who are here to be and become Empowered Messengers to EMBRACE your gifts and begin to BLAZE FORTH your VOICE and your Truth so that you may serve your personal purpose and serve the planetary family in its awakening and ascension process.

I have found speaking my truth – seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing and then transmitting that truth – has been my personal Path to Prosperity.   I have generated significant amounts of money (nearly $2million at this writing) doing exactly that – employing my gifts – in service.    I would like to support you in doing the same for yourself.   It starts with the willingness to say YES to your own gifts – and then looking at ways you can grow and enhance them.   I have a resource that I created many years ago that will assist you in doing just that and I invite you to check it and invest to get yourself some powerful support in Opening Your Channel right here:


Use this resource as a sacred safe space to play with your power – to enhance your capacities – to celebrate your gifts – and to invite in your celestial allies to support and assist you in your role as a Messenger.  Then, after you have played a while and are ready to go and grow to the next level – be in touch with our team so that we can point you in the direction of what is likely to be next for you as you make your way more powerfully and purposefully up what we like to call “Messenger Mountain” and embodying the role of the Empowered Messenger.



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