Without this, no Biz. (and it’s a disservice!)

Nov 4, 2011 by

First, we’ll demonstrate our tip in-action, then we’ll let you know what we’re really doing, and the amazing power behind it. Check this paragraph out:

“Are you excited about the idea of a “Guided By Spirit” Blueprint to Build and Grow your Divine Business? Well, we currently have, and only for a limited time, some openings in Amethyst’s schedule for a little complimentary conversation on that subject. Just let us know you’re interested here – and mention this invitation)! As folks who are employed by spirit, we are quite sure you will know if you need to apply here, to see if she can fit you in and light a sacred fyre under your beautiful visionary butt!”

This is just an example, but notice we were engaged in an essential and powerful sacred business practice. We were in the practice of making offers. We offered the opportunity to set up a complimentary chat with Amethyst, for example – which at the moment is in fact still an open opportuity. So here’s our charge to you, and why this is all SO important:

We invite you in your work to not be bashful or reserved in making offers. There is nothing inherently pushy, salesy, or inauthentic about offering what ya got! It’s only that way if you MAKE your offering pushy, salesy or inauthentic. And coming from your heart and your desire to serve, while unattached from the outcomes, is all you need. In fact, if you don’t make offers, you can never have a business, because it is by offering your blessings to the world that you can receive money in return.

Let ’em kno what you’re doing and what ya got!!!

The folks who don’t desire what you’re offering will pass it by, and those who DO desire it, will go there! Notice again:

So if YOU are desiring to have a chat with Amethyst about the “Guided By Spirit” Blueprint to Build and Grow your Divine Business, please apply here! Our mentor Lisa Sasevich says to not make an offer is actually a disservice to all around. What an interesting reframing, yes? We love that reframing.

So here’s that tip again: make the offer! Make the offer! Make the Offer!!!

Sometimes a wonderful and amazingly beneficial relationship is around the corner, and all that’s stopping that from manifesting, is someone else knowing what you offer. If you’re here in service and love, then there’s nothing to worry about! The only problem comes when we are attached to a particular outcome. It’s not uncommon to hear after making an offer “I didn’t know you were doing that — how cool! I’m in!” (even if you’ve told folks about it every month for years!)

So make the offer, Dears! Come from your heart, be unattached to what they DO with your offer, but let ’em know what ya got!

We KNOW your blessing isn’t in the hands of all the people that are destined to receive it. Bless more people by making an offer!!!

We love you, Dear Hearts! Blessings!


  1. You really found a way to make this whole porcses easier.

    • Mikhael

      Ease is indeed one of our intentions! Some of this stuff we can get so confused by, even when it’s fundamentally simple and easy. May your life be filled with ease, Jasemin! -Mikhael

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