Holy COW!! Have YOU been listening to the WRONG VOICE?

Apr 15, 2015 by

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I just had the most amazing conversation – so powerful that I just HAD to stop everything that I’ve been doing and get on the computer to write this to those of you in my circle of friends, family and community that need to hear this right now.

This woman just spoke to me and told me she’s been “Listening to a Voice” – and the “Voice” comes to her and tells her what to do next.

GREAT – I believe in guidance – I listen to my own guidance all the time and it’s been pretty supportive of me and my evolving journey.

But, we were talking about her blocks around asking for money and we were talking about how I can help her overcome that. After all, that is a huge part of pursuing your dreams and creating a thriving business: feeling safe asking for money. But here’s what she said in return, “I haven’t got the money for that kind of thing – I’m working on my website and buying this piece of land to build a sanctuary”.

However, what she didn’t realize is, that in that one sentence, she sent a message out into the universe that she is stuck!

Here’s how: she did not want to spend time and money to work on the money issues she was having, but she is continuing to spend money on other things because “the Voice” told her that “the money is coming”. So, even though money needed to come in NOW, she wasn’t making the right moves to invite the money into her life!

So I asked her if she can get her “Voice” on the line and ask what the RIGHT NEXT STEP IS for her to get the help she needs. Guess what….. Her “Voice” didn’t give her an answer. It turns out, her “Voice” only comes when she’s stressed, or in trouble, or needs help.

Let me share something with you – if your VOICE only comes to you when you are in trouble, you are going to get in even WORSE TROUBLE following it’s advice! That Voice comes from a place of desperation and panic. Maybe even misery. And misery loves company. So, you can be sure that if you continue to follow that Voice, it will lead you astray.

So how can you tell whether you are listening to the real voice, your voice of guidance?

THE REAL VOICE – the Voice of the source of your life – will answer you on demand, any time you ask for help! It could be simply for comfort, or even just for a conversation. The point is, it is there for you, anytime of the day or night. If you realize that you don’t have a relationship with that Voice, then I strongly suggest that whatever “Voice” you are listening to, is one you better just turn right off and say, “No thank you” to!

It was a VERY inspiring moment for her to get that.

That her “voice” has been treating her like a puppet on a string and that kind of a relationship is probably NOT in the highest and best interests of all concerned.

If you are broken hearted, busted, exhausted, beaten down, discouraged, in pain and suffering and that’s the only time you hear from your “Voice” then you better listen up – this is a BENEVOLENT Universe and guidance for your path is available from the TRUE VOICE for every single step of the way – the pleasurable as well as the painful.

If you’ve been listening to the wrong voice – then I’d like to invite you to consider my homestudy course Opening To Channel where I teach the step by step process for getting the RIGHT VOICE on the line!

Check it out: http://theempoweredmessenger.com/opening-to-channel/

Even if you choose not to receive this help now – won’t you please HANG UP on that other voice right away? Please? It’s probably going to be the best thing you ever did for yourself and your business!


  1. Thank you for this. The ” voice” I hear is soft and sure and I feel it in the center of my body and I know to listen. I loved your talk on ” Soul Speak. I ordered the free gift, as yet did not receive my confirmation email. Please send!I love this work!

    • Hi Nina Thank you for your comments and YES feeling it in the center of your body is AWESOME!! As far as the gift – I’m not sure why you haven’t received – please do two things – 1) Check spam 2) if it’s not there check in with my team- team@theempoweredmessenger.com – give them your email address and they can support you in RECEIVING!

  2. As for $ issues. I recently asked? ” what would I do I’d money did not matter? I did NOT ” get” ,”fly to Paris ” or buy a house. I DID “get” ,exhibit your art! ” 24 hours later got email invite to be in a show in my home town! Yes!

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