Let’s Talk! – Apply For an Message to Millions Mapping Session


If this is something you are yearning for then we invite you to apply for an Message to Millions Mapping Session! If you are selected to receive one of these appointments we will be having a quick but powerful chat to determine if you are ready to commit more deeply to investing in yourself and to taking some FYRED UP ACTION to get yourself, your business and your message moving at light speed!

During this short conversation (which is valued at $1497) you will be asked a series of EMPOWERING Questions designed to help you discover:

  • That you really are a messenger and that it’s TIME to Be Heard By Millions!
  • Whether you need support BELIEVING that you have the energy, inner resources, financial reservoirs and spiritual stamina to make it to the top of your own Messenger Mountain
  • lf you have a Message that is CLEAR enough to be massively Magnetic to potential event hosts and their audiences.
  • If you are REACHING “your people” AND attracting and generating the REVENUE that is appropriate for the value you offer into the world PLUS we’ll find out EXACTLY what the MISSING PIECES ARE spiritually and practically to make an EXPONENTIAL SHIFT in your business FOR THE BETTER that you simply AREN’T SEEING!

We will also come up with Inspired Action moves for you to make the decision to step up to your next level of service!

Because we believe that clarity is divinity….. We want to be clear that these appointments are intended to determine how we can serve you. Apply ONLY if you are really ready to take the steps necessary to make a change in your life.This session is not simply a chit chat, or free coaching advice. It is meant to assess where you currently stand in your business, where you want to be, and how we can work together to get you there. After all, you are here because you need help, right? Well we are here to help you!


We value our time! Which means, if you are:

  • Not ready to make a decision about getting help with your business
  • Not in a position financially to invest in your business

Then this opportunity isn’t for you. However, we do have free community trainings (make sure you join the newsletter) and a entry level product called Money, Magic, and Miracles which might be a good starting point.

However, if you ARE READY:

  • To make a decision about getting help
  • AND have the funds set aside to develop your business:

A Message To Millions Mapping Session with us requires a $497 Deposit – This is a refundable deposit if we aren’t a fit or it can be applied to a suggested homestudy or mentorship offering and that it’s NON-REFUNDABLE for no-show’s to the appointment. Let’s take your business to the next level, Baby!

People who work best with us are visionary entrepreneurs who are “called” to create big change in the world – they are usually already established in their business, making money but really don’t feel like they are totally on purpose. They have a deep desire to make a significant impact in the world and to align even more powerfully with their soul’s path. They are also interested in discovering how to profit handsomely from serving their purpose. Our people also come to us feeling challenged with finding and owning their most true voice, expressing it confidently, creating a magnetic crystal clear message that reaches the people they are here to serve and then monetizing that message powerfully and in integrity.

Clients who have worked with us in the past have achieved significant breakthroughs in their ability to:

  • Get really clear on what their message is and who it is for
  • Claim their expertise and get major media exposure (including mainstream radio and tv)
  • Take their place as leaders on stage and in organizations
  • Speak their authentic truth fearlessly
  • Create businesses that are based upon their soul’s purpose
  • Trust their inner guidance implicitly and move forward fearlessly and courageously
  • Attract and serve more invested and action oriented perfect clients
  • Generate exponentially more revenue (300%, 500% even as much as 1000% more money coming into their business).
  • Pay off a bunch of debt, buy their dream home, create new relationships, come out of the “Spiritual Closet” and a whole lot of other great stuff.


If these are the kind of RESULTS you are ready for in your business and life and you know that it’s time to do some of the DEEPEST inner work of your life as well as have some down to EARTH practical guidance for moving into rapid manifestation mode then making an application is probably right for you!

A Message To Millions Mapping Session requires a $497 Deposit – This is a refundable deposit if we aren’t a fit or it can be applied to a suggested homestudy or mentorship offering and that it’s NON-REFUNDABLE for no-show’s to the appointment. Let’s take your business to the next level, Baby!

Please note this will subscribe you to our e-magazine (The Empowered Edge) and resource center for global messengers of change. You can easily unsubscribe anytime! This is one of the ways we can keep in touch, and it’s also a way we confirm you’re a fit for an appointment! If you don’t want to stay connected via email, then we probably aren’t a fit to connect via phone! 🙂


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