Melted Heart – 14 Day Self-Exposure Challenge

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[Poetry For My People]

Melted Heart

My heart melts – after time in the sun.

Warm water flowing out

of the corners of my eyes

leaving salty tracks down my face.

My tongue darts out to catch

the teardrops and taste the release

of feelings frozen in time and unforgiveness.

I release – and am free.

To breathe, and live and love again.

Unfettered by old stories, wounds and regret.

Time is passing and I get to choose.

You do too….

How would you spend it……

If today were your last?

One of my very first pieces of art was a watercolor with those last two lines painted on it.   It was at that time a Question from God.   I had been awakened to the direct experience of Spirit in motion in my life through the beginning of a yoga practice and time in nature.  I discovered in that time my latent artist, writer, performer, and healer.  Gifts that I did not even know I possessed buried beneath the core of my highly masculinized persona that I put on like the red suit and “go ahead and fuck with me” pumps that I would wear to work in my business as a real estate developer and consultant.

My heart was more than frozen for much of my youth and young adulthood – it was barricaded and imprisoned behind cement.   I had to be hard – tough – strong and completely unemotional to survive.  My Heart?? What was that?? How did I feel?  I had no benchmark from which to respond.   All I knew about feelings is that they were messy ugly volatile dangerous and NOT to be revealed and certainly not in the workplace.   It was far more important – perhaps vital even – to have the distinction of being able to drink the “boys” under the table.

Thanks GOD for Divine Intervention.  For Yoga.  For Nature.  For the SEEDS OF DESTINY that were planted in that toxic soil.  Thanks GOD that my seeds germinated – and thanks to myself for realizing that it was up to me to nurture them.    Since then I have invested heavily in exploring and expanding my awareness.   I have committed to becoming proficient in Ancient Healing Technologies – first to help myself and then to apply in service to others.   I have taken a stand for the restoration of the feminine in my own life and in the lives of the women I serve.   And still.   This heart of mine – can revert – to it’s primitive defenses and freeze up again.   And so I must return to the Source with beginners mind and my mat of course and look down – at my heart – put my face in the sun and let the melting begin.

Are you a woman who spent most of your years masculinized?  Do you even know what it means to be in touch with your feminine??  Have you experienced a significant awakening and are seeking the support that will allow you to navigate your way out of toxic employment and into the development and delivery of your unique gifts in service to the world and yourself?  Is it time to ask for and receive support?   It would be my pleasure to receive your application for a complimentary exploration conversation to see if its a fit for us to journey and work together to help you awaken to and capitalize upon your true calling.   Here’s where you can apply to do just that:


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