Message from Mother Mary (A Gift for this Holy Season)

Dec 22, 2011 by

Greetings and Blessings of LIGHT to you Empowered Messengers One and ALL!!

On this the longest night of the year – I have been guided by the Ascended Mothers to gift you with the following channeled message – it is the first of a series of Messages from the Mothers which are shown to me to be created into a book or some other kind of creation to share these voices with the world.  Working titles are Opening the Rose – Awakening the Feminine Divine -Channeled Messages of Heavenly and Earthly Love From the Ascended Mothers  or  Voices of the Goddess – Gifts of Grace and Awakening from the Ascended Mothers or the one that tickles my funny bone the most:  I Have 17 Goddesses and they all Wanna Talk!

These messages came to me after completion of a series of Vibrational Power Paintings of the Ascended Mothers – and of course once the paintings channeled through the next thing that began to come were the messages.  The following was the first – appropriate as Mother Mary was the first painting to be created as well.  She started the book (?) on 1/30/08 – but the time is now to bring this first message out to the world.  May you enjoy it tremendously – after I push publish I am off to take her guidance to heart and rest for a while!  (Your comments are welcome! – Happy Solstice!)

Mother Mary (Original Vibrational Power Painting Channeled By Amethyst Wyldfyre @2006)

I am the Mother Mary.  Take a deep breath with me now.  Inhale through the nose and exhale gently through the mouth.  Rest.  Rest and restore.  Let it be.  You who have travelled so far and so fast.  You have made the very beautiful choices to coming into your full knowing of who and what you are in this  very moment of time you must stop.  Stop now.  Take a breath.  Rest.  This ability, this discipline, this inner knowledge and deep wisdom that guides you in every moment will never ever fail you.  But you must rest.

It is only in this place of rest and silence that your true beauty is born.  Here in sweet repose all damage is repaired, all healing can take place, all energies rebalanced and restored.  As the pace of transformation has accelerated, as the speed of time’s passage increases, the decision to slow, to stop the forward motion, to still the mind and body, is ever more beneficial to your nurturance growth and unfoldment.

Much effort, incredible stores of energy have been utilized to cause the shift in the evolution of the species to occur at this time.  Much of this energy has been channeled to and through you as you are well aware.  How many pillars of light have you each anchored, how many of your brothers and sisters have you awakened by the touch of your own hands, how many have had their evolutionary process catalyzed by your mere presence?  Know truly that the energy behind all of this is eternally present, never ending and infinite and that you are continually and perpetually supplied and connected to the Source.  Allow yourself the Grace and Glory to drink from this well by taking the time to retreat to the inner sanctum and invite your Sisters in Light to restoreth your soul.  For that is our greatest pleasure and highest honor to serve, protect, comfort and replenish you.

As this New Age is born, as this new species is emerging, as this new paradigm is arising from the shattered remnants of the old, the guidance of the Sisters in Light each a goddess in her own right will serve to nourish the budding flowers of the rising consciousness that is a blessing to an alchemical marriage of the highest order – A wedding, a true and perfect mating of the Feminine Divine and the Sacred Masculine in perfect balance and wholeness. 

Balancing with proceed for some time to come will as each of you begin to embody more and more of this energy of wholeness in alignment with the Divine Blueprint of Creation.  We the Goddesses, Ascended Mothers, Priestesses all, are here to lovingly assist each of you as you sprout your own seeds of light and begin to grow and spread your wings.  Ask! Ask! Ask for our assistance and gentle yet firm guidance for we are ever at your service and can assist in the manifestation of many miracles upon your request.  As we are quite energetically aligned with the magnetic forces of the host mother your planet GAIA, we are able to assist in most mundane of ways to ensure your everyday comfort and joy, for it is your comfort and joy that is such a great gift to the entire Universe. 

Will the result of the joy quotient is of high importance to us and in integral part of the mission of this missive for now though as we are at the beginning know that baby steps are the rule of the day and that the first tiny baby step on the road to endless embodiment of joy is stopping, resting, restoring and opening to receive.  This opening is a slow gentle natural process and cannot be forced or willed into being.  The stopping is the key.  The entering into stillness, the cultivating of presence, the practice of just being is the magical doorway in.

Like flowers in a garden each of you will open in your own time and at your own unique pace.  Know that just as you would not go tear the petals off a flower to get it to open sooner, you mustn’t try to force yourself or others to open before the time is right.  What you can do however is rest.  Come in now sweet ones come into the Garden, enter into the inner sanctum with us.  Allow us to wrap you in our loving embrace, to comfort and minister to you, to stroke you gently, to revitalize your bodies, your hearts and your minds.  We are the Sisters in Light and it is our pleasure to nurture, protect, and serve you.  I am the Mother Mary and I love you.


(Channeled Message @2006 by Amethyst Wyldfyre – Please pass along with credit – and a link back to this site! – Original Vibrational Power Painting is for sale, prints on canvas, paper or cards are also available at Amethyst’s online gallery on Fine Art America.   Find Mother Mary here: )

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