Money is the Fuel that Runs Your “SHIP” – How’s the Fuel Guage Looking Today? – #3

May 29, 2012 by

Are You Drilling Down to Survive?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about FUEL and Money and Energy and Ancestors and the EARTH and men and women and masculine and feminine energies and pursuing versus being pursued and entrepreneurship and messages and how it all fits together in a way that will be of service to my tribe.

This series is really intended to give you some insight and to make you think a little bit about how you are going to choose to show up as an entrepreneur and a messenger.  The more I can share with you from my own journey – hopefully – the more you will be served on yours.

At my core I understand that messengers are here to shift the frequency of the planet and to bring in new visions to replace the dying paradigms that no longer serve the collective consciousness of the planet.  One dying paradigm is our dependence on fossil fuels – by their very nature – there is a limit on the amount available and there is a lot of energy that is consumed bringing fossil fuels out of the belly of Mother Earth and a lot of damage and destruction that has been created as a result of this dependance – not just to the environment but to the global psyche.  The wars that have been fought and the lives that have been lost over territory for these resources is staggering and shameful.

Humanity is blessed with so many gifts and talents and our imagination and capacity to create is truly UNLIMITED.  So when it comes to your message and to the FUEL that runs your EntrepreneurSHIP -the question I have for you is this?  Are you an “Oil” or a “Solar”?  If you are running on the “oil” frequency chances are you are limited in your thinking, limited in your resources, and limited in your ability to reach the people that you really know in your heart you are here to reach.  You may even be causing a lot of conflict in your life and business because you are “competing” with your colleagues, team members and others for what you believe somewhere in you are ‘limited’ resources.  When you feel limited you can also be shutting down your creative capacity.  You start to go into “flight or fight” mode and you are actually embedding all the messages you send out with this energy.    Then when it comes time to ask for money – to actually have a conversation with a potential client – instead of really listening to them with an open heart and coming from a place of service you are mouthing the words but your intent/energy are not in alignment.

When you are in fight or flight mode – two things will happen to you in the client and cash flow area – you will either have clients that are a pain in the rear to work with because they came in unwillingly and are a mirror for your “fight” energy  – or you will have clients that will withdraw and request refunds because they are mirroring your “flight” energy.  This wreaks havoc on your cash flow and also causes you to have even more stress build up in the system until it all either explodes or you figure out a way to shift out of “scarcity” mode and into another way.  One way to make a shift is to learn what archetypal patterns and roles you might be playing when it comes to asking for money and to learn how to tap into the SOURCE of all power to shift those patterns into more life affirming and positive frequencies!   We’ve developed an amazing program that does just that and I’d love to share it with you to SEE if it’s a fit for you to learn the energy mastery secrets to Feel Safe and Powerful Asking for Money.

Let’s make a date and SEE about that shall we?  Appointments now being accepted by application only – details about applying can be found here:





  1. This is an excellent article that speaks to human motivation. There is the scarcity model resulting in people not feeling safe so fear becomes the currency. There is also a paradigm shift that happens when people upshift to being less competitive over perceived limited resources to a collaborative mindset. The collaborative mindset pools resources, not unlike “solar” shines on everyone regardless of how much you have, are striving for, or need.

    Good reflection here. Nice perspective.

  2. Hi Amethyst, I really related to your point about attracting clients with the energy we hold at our core. It’s interesting to me that this becomes really apparent whether we are conscious about our attitudes, or not. 🙂

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