Money is the Fuel that Runs Your “SHIP” – How’s the Fuel Guage Looking Today? – #4

May 31, 2012 by

Slow Down to Speed UP!

Fast or Slow – Full or Empty – Active or Passive – Boy or Girl?  Really ?? What does your gender have to do with your Entrepreneurship?  Your Message? Your Money?  A LOT it turns out!

At least that is in my own world – and in the world of the clients that we’ve been serving through our most recent round of Feel Safe and Powerful Asking for Money Live Mentorship Program.   One of our clients came to the call last week with “story” about her father – an abusive and dangerous man.  What was pretty clear as we began to do the more deep facilitation work that we are able to do with our live mentorship groups was that her relationship with and the energy that was being carried in her personal energy field around all her experiences with her father were causing her to have a big challenge with asking for money and with her own self worth.

Been there – done that – got the t-shirt myself!  As a woman I too had a lot of issues around money, sales and the like as a result of my relationship with my father who was 1st off the “Provider” of money in our household and was also a mean, dangerous, abusive, angry, powerful, strong, incredibly frightening and unconscious most of the time alcoholic man.

I have done a lot of personal inner work to heal my relationship with both parents and which has influenced the development of the programs that we have created here to serve visionary women entrepreneurs who have world changing message to share.   Since Father’s Day is right around the corner I thought it might be good to share this – and to see if anyone else resonates with this story and is ready to change it:

A Tribute to my Father (as seen through the eyes of a very young girl)

Man Works for Money

Money comes from Man

Man is Dangerous

Man has Belt

Man Hits with Belt

Man Hurts

Man Scary

Man Unpredictable

Man Unreliable








Man HATES WOMAN( and Girl)




If you have any experience personally with this kind of story – and if you are here as a messenger and have created a business to get your message out to the world and you are struggling with the money conversation with your potential clients – we can certainly and do certainly want to help.  When YOU Feel Safe and Powerful Asking for Money you will be able to build a beautiful and bountiful business that will serve a lot of people and will spread your message far and wide.  Let us work together to get the fuel guage in your EntrepreneurSHIP to read FULL again.




  1. It’s amazing how false beliefs can distort our ideas re: money.

  2. This is a powerful post, Amethyst. I do find it hard to ask for money, although I’m getting better with practice! I know for sure it’s early conditioning to be good and quiet and don’t upset anyone. Thanks for the reminder of this issue.

  3. It is important to explore subconsious beliefs as well. People are either your people or not your people. Sometimes we get discouraged by the sorting process. Personally, I only want my people. So when a person self selects not to be my people, that is a real relief!

  4. Often we are not even aware what our limiting beliefs are! Some of the ones you mention are so often repeated in society that we haven’t even noticed we’ve adopted them.

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