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Dear Empowered Messenger, How May We Serve You?

We are so delighted to be of service and to support our community of Empowered Messengers! We’ve created a suite of products and services that are just right for you at every stage of your journey into being the empowered messenger you were born to be! These are available periodically. See below for what is currently publicly available.

Feel Safe Speaking Home Study System

Money, Magic & Miracles Home Study System

Prosper in Your PJs Home Study System

Work with Emerald (FKA Amethyst)!

Do you have a blessing and a message that yearns to be shared? Are you ready to Feel Safe & Powerful Speaking Your Heart's True Message, and Being Heard?!

See that picture to the right? Do you feel totally confident to pick up that microphone and start speaking your heart's message, right now? To one person? 10? 100? 100,000 people? 25 million people? All looking at you or listening to your voice or reading your words?
If you do, then you probably don't need this program. Congratulations and Blessings on your journey, Dear Heart!

If you DON'T feel that confidence and power to pick it up and speak, then there is no mistaking why you're looking at these words right now.

Do you hold back your voice out of fear, unclarity or unconfidence, playing 'quiet' or getting choked up? Do you speak your message publicly – via written or spoken word, but still don't feel fully heard (or expressed) when you do? Is it time to feel safe and powerful speaking your message to the world?

Perhaps you have hung out your shingle, are on the road, or on the internet already with your Message but not really making the impact, or reaching the people you know you are here to reach, or generating the revenue that will support you, your growing business, and the delivery of your message into the world? Perhaps it’s because you don’t FEEL SAFE for one reason or another.

Our Feel Safe! Speaking Right Up Product may be just for you! This audio program offers you a threefold solid spiritual and practical framework that when incorporated into your daily life will have you feeling, safe, strong and grounded – safe to speak on stages or the phone, safe to speak to colleagues, safe to enroll clients, to write those emails, to write that book, to speak to your team… safe to bring your message out to larger and larger groups of people both live and virtually and safe to SUCCEED as an Empowered Messenger.

Read more and enroll here:

"Today I sent an email and spoke the truth I needed to speak. I feel like I did with grace and sincerity….and there was no dread. Things sure are a changin'. And for the first time, I didn't feel guilty or afraid. Thank you, thank you for your guidance!"

– Emily Webber, Business Success Expert for Women over 50, Founder and Owner, Tall Poppy Coaching

"Through your course I began to speak clearly, confidently, and powerfully. I unblocked my fear of not having the right answer. I'm now able to trust myself, and live a life aligned with my purpose and passion. Now, I'm ready to launch my own telesummit and interview highly successful women from all walks of life. Very soon I'll be leading my own signature course empowering women to attain the life of their dreams as a mother. Thank you Mikhael and Amethyst for holding the sacred space for me to make this huge energetic shift!"

– Françoise Everett, Founder, Healer and Success Mentor

"Meeting with you last week was transformational for me. …I released a lifetime of holding back my voice. Today, I feel like a new woman, powerful, strong and I have a voice of my own! Thank you for helping me feel empowered."

– Blessings, Lisa Schermerhorn Award-Winning Speaker and CEO at Lisa Schermerhorn Coaching

"I've never been so comfortable in front of the camera! It all just flowed. I feel so excited! Up until now, it's been a challenge for me to stand up in front of people and speak about myself, but now I know it can be effortless, safe, fun and supportive! So Powerful!"

– Elizabeth Martel, "Queen of Hearts" Founder and CEO, SoulsHeart

Read more and invest in Feel Safe Speaking transformational program:

Imagine what it would be like for you to be in harmony with money that anytime you desired to receive money you could almost instantly manifest it?

In fact what would it be like to be creating so much money that you suddenly become a “Money Generator and Wealth Factory” in your role as an Empowered Messenger?

It’s time to come into right relationship with money so that you can harness the power of money to serve your vision and serve the world with the great gifts you came to offer.

21 days – the time it takes to form a new habit.

In 21 days, you can begin to have a relationship with money that will allow you to make all your dreams come true!

Read more and enroll here:

"What I keep hearing (from this course) is that 90% of the success in making a shift is just showing up.

I feel there are multiple layers to the issues and will redo the program monthly to see how it shifts from month to month ;-)"

– Mary Stremmel

Everyone laughed when I walked on stage wearing my PJ’s….
….. but they stopped laughing and started LISTENING when I told them that in under 3 years, I earned over $500,000 wearing those very same pajamas – speaking virtually from home.

I know.

Making $500,000 in under 3 years – while wearing pajamas – sounds a little crazy.

But I did it. And if I can do it, you can too.

And I did it following my calling and my heart.

Maybe you have a calling too. You hear it in bed at night…driving in your car…working at your “real” job…at the least convenient times.

It tells you how EXTREMELY IMPORTANT it is for you to get your message out to the world.

The fact is, if you’re like most people, nobody gave you the tools you need to reach out and connect with the MILLIONS of people around the world who are waiting to hear – who NEED to hear – exactly what you have to say.

I discovered the SOLUTION that revolutionized my life…and will revolutionize YOUR life too!

Read more and enroll here:

"Prosper in your PJs is hands down one of the most refreshing, life changing programs out there.

When I enrolled I was drifting around not having a solid plan for financial stability. Now everything is different. I’m more confident, more creative and more energized to do the things I was meant to be doing, knowing that I’m being guided, which is a great feeling!

Amethyst is a breath of fresh air, a true guidepost in my life, with a wealth of knowledge that she is eager to share.

I highly recommend Prosper in Your PJs to anyone who wants to see positive shifts in their life and finances."

– Andy O’Bryan


Really READY to step it up, take some action, and SEE some results? Do you want to really MOVE yourself – into a whole new space of clarity, confidence, power and focus in your life and your business?

Are you being called to your next HIGHEST Level of Service, unclear what that will look like exactly? Looking for deeper interaction and more hands on personal interaction and mentorship?

Folks – as an Energy Master and Empowered Messenger Mentor, I am very mindful of my own time and energy and therefore I am  extremely selective about who gets to work with me at the deeper level.  My more highly intimate group and private programs are only available by talking with me directly, to see if we're a fit. Both to see if I can help you, and how, and to help you decide the same. I want to really be certain that you are committed, that you are a fit for the work and the groups that I gather to work together, and that you are truly energetically invested in your Message. My virtual intensives, VIP Days and Retreats are exclusively for the Messenger who is ready to prepare to play big and have a big impact on the world – both directly and indirectly through those they serve.

If you feel that you are ready for that level of attention, you must apply. You can read more about a complimentary 1-on-1 Message to Millions Mapping Session with me, and apply for one, by going here:


"Loved the call today. I feel so blessed to be in this process with you all. I feel like I can integrate the info better than I have with the same information from other sources. Because of your style of giving, I feel open, safe, receptive, empowered and that I’m learning. Today, coming home from work, I could feel the truth that I will be moving from one on one hourly rates to big figure launches. Thanks!" – Ann Naimark, MFT –
"True Leadership stems from the willingness to ask for help and that's what I did myself a little more than a year ago when I reached out after hearing from Source to see if Amethyst Wyldfyre could assist me. Let me tell you it was one of the most powerful decisions that I have made on my journey! Working with Amethyst was a "soul opening" experience – one that opened me up to step into my leadership role in a more powerful and free way. Being firmly grounded in my power was key to being able to DOUBLE My 7 Figure Business last year! If you are ready to leap fearlessly into your highest level of service and profit handsomely from following your Spiritual Path, then I recommend you speak with Amethyst right away!" – Lisa Sasevich, The Queen of Sales Conversion,
"Uuummmmm: WOW. Again, just WOW. An amazing experience for me today! I feel I am walking in the path of my purpose and have really stepped into my power. I have found myself drifting into old habits of not speaking my truth on four different occasions – except now I become aware of it very quickly and I recognize the harmful effects it will have on me if I allow that in. As a direct result of this journey, I am no longer accepting less than I desire in my business, but I'm also not accepting anything less than I desire and deserve in my personal life. I stand by my WOW and send you both love and gratitude for doing your work, because it truly helps move me forward so I may do mine. Love, light, and a HELL YES!" – Katalina Olivera, President, Katalina Coaching
"The exercises I'm doing & the calls are really making shifts in how I am showing up and how I feel when I do show up. It's amazing really, like I am much more able to live what I teach & believe than before & I can only assume that's because of energetic blocks and disturbances that have been creating glitches in my operating system. Many fewer crashes! I feel much lighter, much more able to see the positive, the beauty, the love all around. Thanks to you both for what you do." – Sue Webb, Coach & Minister Birmingham Center for Spiritual Living
"I gained a deepened experience of why working with 'issues' is much less effective and powerful than working with the underlaying or core pattern. I've been working towards this concept and the course really helped to anchor that for me. I am grateful for you both being a part of that shift. With blessings and love," – Marilyn Daniels, M.A., M.Ed., CPCC; Principal, VisionLegacy
"Anyone who fears anything get off your butt, find a mentor and practice a bit and then well you honestly wont regret having done it. So to you Amethyst I have the utmost respect and a warm fuzzy feeling when I recall starting out but with help and support well everyone can Master and achieve wondrous results as have I. Love to you." – Ilona McMaster, Soul Realignment Practitioner and Spiritual Healer


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