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The beautiful peacock is not at all afraid to strut his stuff – and that has to be YOU when you are stepping into the role of the Empowered Messenger in your business.  Too often I have seen people who are called to be a messenger – who have something really powerful and life affirming to share with the world – HIDING!   Makes me SO SAD!!!


Please don’t hide your brilliance – you were MADE to be GREAT – just like the Peacock!   God does NOT MAKE JUNK!!!  The sad truth is that we make ourselves Junky – by believing that we aren’t good enough, smart enough, practiced enough, prepared enough or financed enough to get our message out to the world so we hold that message IN and cover it over with all this “not enough” junk. Yech!  


Peacock wants to invite you to try a little of his medicine – to start out you can do this behind closed doors – here are the steps to the “Peacock Dance” that he’d like you to practice:


1) Stand TALL – lift up your heart – puff out your chest and hold your head up high – feel what if feels like to not be slumping – to have a posture that says I’m HERE!


2) Feel your feet on the GROUND – really make a conscious connection with the earth – feel your energy body being activated as you stand tall and open up your heart – and if you start to feel anxious, nervous or have little tremors running through your body intend to twist your thigh bones INWARD like you are screwing yourself into the ground and then feel the energy flow right through you and dissipate into the earth so that you feel grounded and present in your body


3) Start to STRUT – now we’re having some fun!! Imagine yourself on a stage or in the front of a room of people and see yourself strutting from left to right in your mind’s eye while you actually physically strut back and forth in your space.  As you strut in one direction or the other keep that heart open and high – and imagine that you are sending out a love wave to each of the audience members


4) Now STOP, STAND CENTER STAGE and GIVE US YOUR BEST – Spread those Tail Feathers and Show Us your most BEAUTIFUL expression of who you are!   


5) Take a Bow – Receive the Applause – You DID IT!! You gave a presentation! (Did you do it in your Pajamas???!)


If you are speaking VIRTUALLY – it’s great to practice the peacock dance and postures before speaking and if you like you can strut and speak right in the comfort of your own living room or home office.  I’ve found that Virtual Speaking is one of the most powerful and energy efficient ways to Be Heard By Millions – and for those of you who are shy birds or feel like you aren’t yet ready to be SEEN you can still serve and be very successful!  You might even Prosper In Your Pj’s just like me!



Now for an exercise: Practice your elevator pitch. Record the audio, video it, whatever media you feel most comfortable with. Then send it to us at


You may be selected as our big contest winner!! What do you get? I guess you will have to enter to find out!


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