Poetry For My People – 14 Day Self-Exposure Challenge

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[Poetry for My People]


Poetry is soothing to the core of my being

For it is only with this language are we able

to remotely touch the vastness of Spirit

& the Great Mystery of the Inner Worlds.

Come with me as I journey to faraway lands, ancient times

to the center of a flower or the warm steady breathing of a newborn

sleeping at his mother’s breast.

Painting with words I quest

To be able to more fully express

the depth of emotion I feel

without spilling too many tears on the page

and smudging the sacred stanzas that hold……

……if you pause and allow them to touch you…….

a magic that can not be found

in the whizbang technology that is here today & gone tomorrow

and a very poor substitute for the depth of connection

that your heart longs to make with the heartbeat of the world.

Let these words awaken your desire to live and love again
in all the messy, tasty, delicious and perhaps even dangerous ways

you were born to explore.

Walk away from the multi-colored GodGrid of computing functions

and DANCE with my words playing beautiful music on the heartstrings of your soul.

I attended an event at the beginning of the month.  The last speaker on the last day was a wreck.  He spoke so quickly and was in such a state of lack (of awareness) that he completely ignored the fact that at least 50% of the audience was JUST NOT WITH HIM.   His talk was all about re-invention – and I’m not quite sure but it seemed he was poised on the brink of needing a re-invention himself.   Part of his story was about having played a particular role for a long time – until the time ran out on playing that role – which left him in a very tough position financially.  In the end he had to leave that role behind – along with all the riches it had brought to him.  I feel like he is actually still reeling from that setback and somewhat stuck in that old story.  This can happen to messengers (heck to all of us) when we become so rigidly identified with a role and all it’s trappings and then suddenly the CHANGE GAME initiates.   The only constant here as we all know is change.   Which is why it’s such a pleasure for me to be able to support people in that process.

If we ACCEPT that change is inevitable – we can actually CO-CREATE with the Universe intentionally – making use of the momentum of change and our conscious intent to be dancing with the waves of change rather than being faceplanted in the sand by them.   This guy seemed to still be stuck with his face in the sand and I knew for sure he’d lost connection with the Source when he started to slam poetry.   No he wasn’t doing a poetry slam – oh no – what he was doing was slamming poetry – and insisting it has no redeeming value whatsoever.   I feel for this man – and while I hear his point of view I personally am on the other side of the council fire with this topic.   Poetry is POWER in my humble opinion.    Lasting, and leaving an impression in ways that the river of words that came out of his mouth will never make.  Why??? Because, when done well, it makes you FEEL and remember that you are alive, we all share one breath and that beauty is as vital as the air that we breathe in keeping the heart healthy and the Spirit strong.

Would you like to bring more of your artistry into your work?  Channel your wisdom??? Create wealth?  Change worlds?   I would be honored to serve and support you in that quest.   Apply for a conversation HERE  to see if it’s a fit for us to work together – so that as change arrives you can re-invent yourself with clarity, grace and an infinite connection.



  1. Let these words awaken ur desire to love and love again…
    Love it!!

  2. Let these words awaken ur desire to live and love again…
    Love it!!

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