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Frequently we’re asked about guarantees, so here it is:

· Does The Empowered Messenger guarantee our material?

Absolutely! The power of this information has been proven again and again, as evidenced by the vast number of client and customer letters and testimonials.

· Does The Empowered Messenger guarantee your results?

Absolutely not! How could we? YOU are the variable. This is your life, your commitment, your activity, and your choices. We can offer you tools, but you need to build the house.

Digital products purchased through The Empowered Messenger are delivered to you automatically at time of purchase. Typically an email with a download link will arrive in your inbox within five minutes. If there’s a delay, or you can’t find the email, contact our customer service team at

If you purchased our digital product through one of our partners, please contact them if you experience delivery problems. (And let us know if the issue isn’t resolved!)

Returns are rare, but here are our policies:

Digital Information can’t be “returned.” Therefore The Empowered Messenger has a “No Refund” Policy for all digital download products purchased directly through us unless otherwise noted on the sales or information page where you have placed your order.

Because we really want to cultivate happy and satisfied customers, we take great pains to make available lots of information–hundreds of articles and videos and audio classes–before you make a purchase… so you can make an informed choice before you buy.

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