Roses – 14 Day Self-Exposure Challenge

Feb 25, 2016 by



[Poetry for My People]


Blossoming outside my window

fragrant and delicate in the morning breeze

flexible on their thin prickly stems

the roses smile with open hearts

into the streaming sunbeams

that illuminate them

calling them forth

to expose their tender centers

for all to see the beauty

that lies within if only

you will take the time

to stop and smell the roses


It’s been 7 years since I began my online entrepreneurial journey – and a lot has changed from then to now.   One thing that hasn’t changed though is the PERENNIAL need for evolving entrepreneurs to let go of keeping up.   It’s a horrible habit and deeply distressing to your body mind and Spirit to continually be “on the hamster wheel” attempting to keep up with the latest and greatest technologies and ways of getting your message out.   An early mentor of mine emphasized keeping it SIMPLE (and I keep hearing him over and over in my head but it’s taken nearly 7 years for it to really sink in!) Another early mentor of mine and also a client has been a shining example of both being caught in the whirlwind of feeling like she needed to “keep up” and then spit out by that way of being in the world in the aftermath of the sudden passing of her daughter.   Way back in 2010 she gave me her business when she became a client (thank you!)  and she also gave me her platform to share my message with her community (double thank you!) and we did the following interview together called Letting Go of Keeping Up.   I would like to give this to you as a gift from my heart – to enjoy – to savor over a cup of tea – to sink into as you re-align with and re-attune to why you are doing this business of being an Empowered Messenger to begin with.      Here’s the link – no optin required!
Please note in the interview I mention some of the work that I offer at the end – some of the names of my offerings have changed over time but the CORE essence of the work remains the same.   Helping you to become Crystal Clear and Consciously Connected so that you can Channel Wisdom, Create Wealth and Change Worlds.   If you have an interest in discovering if it’s a fit for us to work together – please apply for an exploratory conversation with me here:  And please do be sure to stop and smell the roses……


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