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HOLY FUNNY what a hilarious movie that was – tears were ROLLING down my face and at one point I laughed so hard I almost started to choke! THAT my friends is the POWER of a potent message – it MOVES you and creates a shift in your energy. Whether it’s motivating you to VOTE (NH is still holding strong with our LIVE FREE OR DIE motto, prohibition on state income and sales taxes, and our FEISTY FIRST IN THE NATION STATUS that we refuse to cede) – or making you laugh, cry or buy a great message gets stuff MOVING – makes things shake, bake and sometimes gets you to put in a stake!

I want you to be less WISHY WASHY when it comes to bringing your message out to the world. If you can’t speak about your topic WHOLEHEARTEDLY, CLEARLY and COURAGEOUSLY then let’s make some shifts RIGHT NOW to start getting that corrected shall we?

Step 1 – Are you CLEAR???

Clear of all your FEAR which is what’s behind the confused deer in the headlights look you might be giving a lot of people when they ask you about your vision, work or message.

Answer Yes? Move to step 2…..

Answer NO? Please at least BEGIN the process by receiving our complimentary gift Feel Safe Speaking – Opt in on the upper right of this page right away!

Step 2 – Are you CLEAR???

Clear of all the extraneous “fluff” that you might have put up as a buffer around your core message because you were following the “cookie cutter copy cat recipe” for your work instead of going naked and deep with exposing your real truth?

Answer Yes? Move to step 3…..

Answer NO? Take a time out – sit yourself down with your infinite Source – the SOURCE of all the inspiration that got you started on the path to begin with and ASK FOR HELP in clearing away all that ISN’T CONGRUENT with your actual message and which is not in service to your blessing or your purpose. Need HELP with making that connection? Check out our Opening to Channel Homestudy which initiates the process of getting that connection opened up and clearing out – find that here:

Step 3 – Are you CLEAR???

Clear of the RESISTANCE to being seen, heard and ADMIRED and FOLLOWED as a potent and powerful LEADER because baby if you really are here to be an Empowered Messenger then LEADERSHIP is definitely an essential element of the role!

Answer YES? Then you are someone we definitely want to celebrate and support – let us know how you like to partner for profit and progress and we’ll see if it’s a fit by connecting with our Priestess of Prosperous Partnerships & Promotions Marissa at with any requests you might have to feature me to speak to and serve your community or other promotional considerations you have cooking in your pots.

Answer NO? Well at this point its better to either throw in the towel on this “being an Empowered Messenger” idea or double down your investment by applying for a time to talk with me to see if it’s a fit for us to work together through the Crystallize Your Message Laboratory Intensive or one of our other magnificent and magical experiences that were Divinely designed to activate and support the birthing, nurturing, growth, expansion, flowering and bountiful fruition of your role in the world as a leading visionary agent of change with a potent and likely polarizing Empowered Message.

It’s an HONOR to serve you (and truth telling behind the scenes a lot of times it’s HOLY FUNNY too!)

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