So Hard – 14 Day Self-Exposure Challenge

Feb 26, 2016 by

FaithRoadStopSign[Poetry for My People]

So Hard


STOP!  Trying so hard

you hurt all that you hold dear


STOP! Trying so hard

the message is clear


STOP! Trying so hard

to make everything “right”


STOP! Trying so hard

and start taking flight


Let it be easy and let it be fun!
Spend time with your family! Play in the sun!

Before you can blink it could all go away
STOP! Trying so hard

and just be here today.



We’ve reached the end of the 14 Days of Self Exposure journey.  Thank you for reading – it’s been a pleasure to write and I do hope it’s been a pleasure for you to read.   I invite you to take a moment – to STOP right now – and connect in with your own personal FAITH muscle.   What is your SPIRIT whispering to you right now?  Is it time for you to write?  To make poems?  To dance?  To play in the sun?  To enjoy time with your precious loved ones?   Is it time to STOP trying so hard and to START aligning with the highest good of all, yourself included?   Is it time to seek the support and the gentle, kind, strong and sacred space to let it all out so you can let in the best that life is always wanting to give you?   One aspect of playing the role of the Empowered Messenger is the aspect of RECEIVING.   Being a cosmic message receiver requires you to be open, connected and surrendered to the Divine.  To play your part with grace and acceptance and to be in a state of trust that all is in service to your higher good can sometimes require an energetic re-wiring – so that you are able to open your channel more fully and receive wealth in exchange more easily.    Let me know if you’d like to explore that possibility by applying for a complimentary exploratory conversation right HERE:

Comments are very welcome!  Sharing is caring so if this series inspired delighted or awakened something in you that you know would benefit another, please do!

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