Speak Sell Serve & Succeed in Your PJs! Day 28

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Do you DARE to Delegate?

It will make your business literally TAKE OFF when you stop doing the stuff that you shouldn't be doing and start doing the things you were MADE to do – meaning (if you are reading this!) being a MESSENGER! 

What is it that you are afraid to let go of in your business?

What is stopping you (money is usually the number one thing people use as their stopping point for hiring!)?

What can you do to shift your perception about delegating?

Something I've found is that it helps to have clarity on exactly what you want someone to do (or alternatively what you need to AUTOMATE!)

I've recently invested in bringing more automation into my own business by signing up for Infusionsoft and had a conversation today with someone where I had a hole blasted open in my foggy thinking about some things – not only in how I've been doing business in terms of bringing prospects through a process that ultimately converts them to clients but also in utilizing the platform and software to automate things in the operation of my business itself.

When I say GET HELP I really mean it because seriously you just don't know what you don't know!!  Once you KNOW then you can do something to change, improve and uplevel your capacity to reach more people with your message which at the end of the day is really what it's all about.  It's just as important to have the people on your team enrolled in your message as it is to enroll your clients and audience so be sure to spare no expense or time investment on making sure you are building the "team that takes", meaning they take stuff OFF your plate so that you can have more freedom to do what you love and to create the change you are here to make!

Interested in finding out about INFUSIONSOFT?  Here's my affiliate link for that:  https://crm.infusionsoft.com/go/viewdemo/a46714/

It takes some amazing coordination behind the scenes in my business to do all that I do and to reach the millions of people that I reach – I am going to be drawing back the curtains on some of the key things that I have done to grow a Multi Six Figure business in under 3 years on a brand new training call that I'm offering August 22 – won't you join me?  http://www.makemoneywithyourmessage.com







  1. I think a lot of fear of delegation comes from two ways of thinking..  First, "it would take me so much tme to explain what I need that it would just be time-effective to do it myself". Second, "No one can ever do X as well as I can.  I am indispensible." Your message is what is indispensible. Nothing else.

    • You are EXACTLY RIGHT ON in your perception – and I agree with you totally that the message is what is indispensible!  Nice addition to the comment stream – thank you!

  2. Tal

    Thanks for these great tips! I've never heard of Infusionsoft before, heading over to check them out now 🙂

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