Speak Sell Serve & Succeed in Your PJs! Day 29

Jul 29, 2013 by

Celebrate GOOD TIMES C'mon!! It's a Celebration! Today I'm celebrating a BUNCH of things….

First – in one more post I will have completed the 30 day video and ultimate blogging challenge which has allowed me to expand my reach, exercise my video muscle, exercise my writing muscle and discover a whole slew of amazing people who are out there blogging and videoing their little hearts out and sharing their messages!

Second – that I STOOD MY GROUND and STOOD for my work today on a prospective client call where the person really needed a different experience than what I was offering and instead of "turning myself into a pretzel" (a lifelong habit) to accommodate her – we both left the conversation aware and clear that it was NOT A FIT! I did for a very brief moment "go there" in my mind – wondering if I could figure out a way to work together because I really like her and her vision – but TRUTH won out and I almost effortlessly released the "need to please" – took a deep breath – honored where she and I were both at and said "Looks like this is not a fit" HIP HIP HOORAY!!! This is HUGE for me! It looks like I've finally "licked" the habit – and now I feel so spacious and open and available for the people who ARE a right fit!

Third – Yesterday someone DONATED to the Fundraiser for the Playmakers under my link so I'm closer to my goal of raising $3000 with my own donations as well as the donations from folks in my circle of influence! (Want to celebrate with me on this one?? Would love for you to consider making a donation in any amount for this very worthy organization – see below!)

Fourth – Registration page is OPEN for my hot new training call Be Heard By Millions and Live Your Destiny! Check it out HERE and sign up if you want to do that yourself!  Especially if you want to "Prosper In Your Pj's!"




Interested in helping with my fundraising goal?   Click below to donate now!

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