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I wrote an article about Silent Mountain in my old blog back in June of 2010 and it was clear to me that the time to share this valuable wisdom has “spiralled back” around again!

As important, vital, valuable and in service as it is for The Empowered Messenger (that’s you!) to be stepping IN to the spotlight – there is another aspect of our work that we tend to lose sight of once we have accomplished that goal.   It’s equally as vital and important to make the space, make the time and make the commitment to stepping out, emptying our cup so to speak and deeply discerning what we have integrated, what we have created that is no longer in service and what our most impact producing and personally enlivening next steps might be.   We can not do this when we are in the whirlwind – we must be willing to command our world to STOP sometimes so that we are able to become clear and cognizant of what and who we have become and where our energies our now best channeled in service to the highest good of all ourselves included.


Just when I finally felt like I reached the point of some level of confidence and mastery in speaking and sharing my truth – a new ally arrived – Silent Mountain!   Silent Mountain’s job was to work with me as I learned the value and wisdom in holding my tongue, in keeping silent and in avoiding adding my fuel, my personal power, my energy to conflict or crisis through my use of words and the spoken language.

Silent Mountain came in handy as I faced the challenges of parenting a ‘Man’-Boy of 14 going on 45.     Silent Mountain helped me as I navigated differences of opinion on how best to parent this child with my ex-husband his father. Silent Mountain provided me with strength and the knowledge that this too shall pass and wisdom is to be gained for the whole planet as we all witness the unfolding drama that was sparked by the 2016 election season.

Silent Mountain holds the energy of many millenia of witnessing the changes, evolution and growth of our Mother Earth and her many children. Silent Mountain is a good ally to have in times of great distress – devastation – deconstruction and dissolution of the dreams that are dying now so that a new paradigm can be born as Silent Mountain knows how to stay very centered, grounded and most of all present to what is unfolding.

Silent Mountain has actually been working with me now for a while – and is asking me to come in to it’s warm, welcoming and wise embrace again with even greater commitment to surrendering.   ALL OF IT.  My business, my personal life, my heart, mind and soul to the Source of all Life and to the GREAT SILENCE.

Silent Mountain is an ally who is coming in handy now as I navigate the challenges of a world that is transforming at warp speed.

The Mountains in my tradition are the place of the Ancestors – the place where we connect with beauty and healing – the place of stored wisdom.   Silent Mountain helps with DISTILLING the essence of what we are meant to honor, value and make matter.

I first met Silent Mountain when working with one of my early clients Stacey.   She became a client in the CORE Path Intensive to release her fears over stepping into a much greater mission – to birth a community that was an enclave of support for people who were sitting with their dying loved ones. In less than four months – the Soul Sitters site was born – and Stacey stepped in to a much greater role than she had envisioned was possible for herself when she was trapped in her own fears, stress and overwhelm.

I feel so blessed and honored to have been the witness to this birthing of a place for deathing – Spirit is Funny I do believe – the Cosmic Joke is on us – so I invite you to find those moments that are light, those moments that make you laugh, those moments when you just throw up your hands and surrender to the humor and the paradox, the perplexity and the majesty of it all.

I no longer offer the Core Path Intensive and I am no longer Amethyst Wyldfyre – but what I do know that I am is aware – and open to the possibilities that Silent Mountain is waiting to show me as I go now to empty my own cup and step out of the spotlight for a while.

While raking the lawn the other day I was personally guided to spend 6 weeks in silence – shutting the “spotlight” off on my business from Winter Equinox through Imbolc (12/21/16 – 2/1/17).   What you might ask does this look like and mean?

Here’s what I’m shown:

no ezine, no blogging, no social media, no team meetings, no outreach calls, no new initiatives, no marketing (other than what has already been committed to), no client calls (except those already in the books), no news or other electronic “intake”, no email, no texting, no phone answering, no making new deals (unless they come right to me magically and miraculously without any manipulations or machinations on my part).   A complete and utter commitment to sabbatical is required.   Agreement and surrender to  emptying my cup of any and all illusions about who I am, what I am here for, how I am to serve moving forward.

The team will be happy to serve you if something comes up for you and you require our support.  They can be reached at

I really can’t say what will emerge from this time – will there be an Empowered Messenger when I come out??  Will I be shown some other way of serving?  What I do know for 100% sure is that surrendering to the mystery is the Source of all mastery.     So I’m going to be….

Signing off for now –  Silent Mountain is advising it’s time for me to be silent again…..


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  1. I love your commitment to surrender in such a powerful way and I look forward to seeing what emerges on the other side! Blessings as you enter your chrysalis! Xo

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